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27 03, 2019

Celebrating 10 years of “It’s All Sew Biz”

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It seems like only yesterday that I published the very first post on our company’s brand new blog, but amazingly enough, it was ten years ago, on March 24, 2009. In the beginning, I was not only the blog administrator, but also the primary author of posts, with Megan contributing as well. I was learning as I went along, so the early posts were mainly text with the occasional photo.

As the years went on, this blog evolved. As I became more comfortable with the WordPress platform and other platforms like Flickr and YouTube, we began to include more embedded content – including YouTube videos and Flickr photos of our custom stage drapes and rental stage curtains out on tour.

Over the years, the voice of the blog has become more diverse, as a variety of staff members have contributed posts. Some have contributed just one or two posts, while others have became regular and frequent authors. Today, blog posts are primarily written by Marianne, Megan and me (though my focus these days is more on administering the blog rather than writing posts).

It is just so amazing and gratifying to see how this blog has evolved and improved over the years. Whow would have imagined when we launched this new unfamiliar format ten years ago that the blog would still be going strong in 2019! Thank you to all of our readers and contributors – here’s to another ten years!

18 09, 2018

Completely Enthrall Yourself In A Huge Variety Of Our Social Media Sites

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You must know by now that we have a lot of fun working on special projects with our clients to help them build amazing and memorable stage designs for all kinds of events, concerts, productions, tours, and everything in between. Either through custom-sewn theatrical drapes, or with an assortment of gorgeous curtains and theatrical embellishments from our rental drapery collections, we strive to help our customers create spectacular stage designs no matter how large or small the occasion might be–or what kind of budget they might need to stick to.

What really delights us is then hearing back from our wonderfully imaginative clients on how our products might have truly impacted their special events for the better, and especially when they share a photo, video, or specific feedback about the drapery. Because of this, we are always very excited to showcase these shared images NOT ONLY on our revamped website, but also through our many social media sites. With so many to now choose from, we love offering our online connections some breathtaking examples of stage drapery and designs to help keep their minds and hearts inspired for the next show.

Whether you like watching videos on our YouTube Channel, checking out our photos and hashtags on our Instagram page, or getting the scoop on great suggestions and ideas with our Facebook page—we have a little something for everyone! Our Pinterest and Flickr Galleries offer exceptional pictures taken by incredibly gifted photographers, to better assist you in fine tuning your design vision. And, of course, our Google+ and LinkedIn pages are fantastic places to gain vital insight about not only our products, but of various elements from the theatrical drapery industry in general.

We extend fair warning though—our social media sites are completely addictive, so once you start perusing through all of those remarkable and engaging photos, videos, and tidbits of invaluable information, you may find that time has completely flown by! Feel free to give us a call or online inquiry if you have any questions at all about the goods and services that we offer, and let us help you construct the most fabulous and dramatic event design you that could have ever imagined.

3 04, 2018

Inspiration Is Truly In The Eye Of The Beholder

By |April 3rd, 2018|Clients, Company, Education, links, News, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Inspiration — it helps motivate us to be our best, do our best, act our best, and put forth the very best that we each have to offer the world. The definition of inspiration is “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something; particularly to do something creative.” But what inspires you may not inspire the next individual…. It is probably one of the most subjective concepts you can think of, and yet–in this industry especially—it is definitely one of the most important, too.

This is why we here at Sew What?/Rent What? Inc. offer a variety of ways to help spark our clients’ imaginations. Some stage and event designers like to look at photos of theatrical draperies out in “real world” situations, which is why we have some fabulous examples of our drapes in a ton of Flickr photo albums and galleries to meet their every drapery desire. They can also explore our company Pinterest and Instagram pages to see some great examples of event and stage designs, and learn about some ingenious ways for us to help them create a similar look for their own special events.

Others may do better by seeing video of the drapes and designs moving across their screen, as it helps them better imagine how the drapery and stage embellishments might look for their own creative projects. Therefore we offer a variety of different videos showcasing our rental and custom curtains on our very own YouTube channel.

Some may prefer to see simple swatches of fabric or written data on their computer screen, and let their imagination run wild with that information. If so, they can check out our e-swatches and white papers on our website (and read this blog, of course) to gain valuable information and insight as to what type of fabric, cut, style, and substrate might work best to create the right look at their own unique event, venue, or production.

And sometimes it’s as simple as being a little “social” and going to one of our many social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. These sites are a fantastic way to easily gather information about some of our recent projects, converse with employees and other clients regarding ideas for original stage designs, and read helpful advice, suggestions, and ideas on how to they can better work within their budget, actual space dimensions, or possible time limitations. We are here in a myriad of ways for our clients—just let us know how we can better help to inspire YOU, too!

14 02, 2018

Whatter’s Family Comes Together To Get The Job Done Right!

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I wanted to take a few moments to remark on how interesting and exciting it is to have my office out in the middle of the SW warehouse. When I leave the wonderfully comfortable “little cocoon” of my individual office, I never know what sights are going to greet me as I enter the main warehouse area—arguably the heart of the company!

Today was no exception—as I took my first few steps, I was immediately enthralled by the hustle and bustle of my colleagues, and with seeing the eye-catching and eclectic projects that they were working on simultaneously. Everything from soon-to-be completed gorgeous drapes being sewn in shades of black and burgundy, to natural muslin drapes having the perfect finishing sewing touches being done to them, to stunning pleated red Super-Vel specialty rental drapes hanging nearby on the truss.

Seeing smaller-scale custom-printed digital banners hanging in all their glory next to larger-scale, magnificently detailed digitally printed backdrops, it really showcased our company’s diverse capabilities to help create one-of-a-kind pieces for our incredibly creative event and tour designers.

And with a built-to-order Chameleon LED (RGB) drape painstakingly being wired and arranged right in the middle of everything, I was so impressed with the exceptionally hard work that I knew they were putting into every single detail of that drape–ensuring that it would sparkle and twinkle flawlessly at our client’s upcoming special event.

I was delighted to realize that several departments were represented on the warehouse floor, all working tirelessly collectively to get the jobs done right. There were seamstresses, one of our sewing managers, our warehouse technical manager, our logistics manager, our QC techs, and even some of our inspections team working together to help create the most spectacular, and highest quality, custom-built soft goods imaginable. I love it when I see so many of my co-workers working seamlessly together (pardon the pun!) to get these jobs done right—which is the true definition of a family…..“A Whatter’s Family!”

13 02, 2018

Shimmering “Silver Illusion” drapery backdrop brings elegance to Ronald McDonald House Charities event

By |February 13th, 2018|News, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Sew What? Inc was delighted to be approached by Joe Feczko of Event Technology – Chicago to be a vendor for the 2017 Ronald McDonald House Charities event.  The event, produced by Real World Productions, featured a formal black-tie theme, and old school Hollywood glamour, and custom arched trusses dressed the stage.

After reviewing a variety of different flame-retardant textiles, our Silver Illusion was selected as the perfect fabric. This Inherently Flame Retardant polyester cloth was the perfect choice for a variety of reasons.  This soft and drapeable cloth lights beautifully, has reflective qualities giving a shimmery effect, and the dual toned thread of this cloth offers both low-lights and high-tones from the audience perspective.

Photographer: Event Producer and owner of Real World Productions, Steve Wallace

It is always quite a challenge to cut a curved top into heavily pleated drapery – however, the staff at Sew What? Inc stepped up to the plate and drafted a perfect pattern so that the large Illusion draperies fit perfectly into the custom curved truss. Webbing and grommets were installed into the top of the drape to allow a snug fit, and the completed scene was quite spectacular – the silver Sew What? drapery certainly offered the perfect backdrop for the awards ceremony.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Chowdhury, as “American non-profit Ronald McDonald House Charities nominated Dr Mushtaque Raza Chowdhury, Vice Chairperson of BRAC, for its ‘Medical Award of Excellence 2017’ along with a grant of USD 100,000. The award was given in recognition of Dr Chowdhury’s outstanding contributions in the field of primary health care and community-based education across developing countries. The ceremony was held on 11th November, 2017, in Illinois, U.S.” For more details about this event and to read the full press release visit

Photographer: Event Producer and owner of Real World Productions, Steve Wallace

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