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7 12, 2020

Brand New Product from SW? Just in Time for the Holidays!!

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Our clients have spoken, and so we are very pleased to now offer everyone a 5 Mask Do It Yourself Kit with all of the supplies needed to make your own custom dual-layered face masks. These kits consist of pre-cut cloth face and liner pieces for 5 masks, coated wires for bridge-of-nose comfort, soft long cloth ties that can be tied around the ears or behind the head, and access online to a super-easy DIY instructional video. (You will just need to provide your own thread—and who doesn’t have spools of thread lying around the house just waiting to be used for something fabulous?).

These kits are a wonderfully thoughtful and unique holiday gift to send to those in your life who love to sew things for themselves. Or better yet, a great gift for yourself where you will be able to finally show off all of those crafting skills that you have been polishing all year long! You can even embellish the fabric before you sew—bedazzle on colorful crystal sequins or rhinestones, write your family members’ names with felt pens, add some fun designs with glitter fabric glue, or anything else you can think of to personalize each mask for someone special. Get the whole family involved—the kids will LOVE to help decorate them!

Taking the guesswork out of how to choose, measure, and cut the correct fabric for these dual-layered face masks will make sewing them an absolute snap (our simple how-to video will show you the way!). Each kit comes with face-fabric pieces in white, black, burgundy, royal blue, and pewter grey, so there will be something for everyone. Sewn with a pocket for a PM 2.5 Activated Charcoal Mask Filter, you can also add a pack to your SW? shopping cart, and thereby provide even more protection for your loved ones and those living in your community.

Buy yours now so that you can have them in hand in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other upcoming holiday or occasion that you’d like to celebrate in a truly distinctive way. And with these all-inclusive kits providing supplies for five face masks at under $2 a mask—you just can’t beat the price!

1 09, 2020

Proudly Introducing…Storage Solutions, the Sew What? Way!

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Sew What? Inc is thrilled to announce our newest foray into the production world….Storage, the Sew What? way! Recognized as one of the most trusted stage and theatrical drapery manufacturers in the biz, Sew What? and Rent What? are renowned for manufacturing and renting dramatic theatrical drapes and soft goods used in major rock concerts, top fashion shows, and other artistic staged events. Owner and CEO of both companies, Megan Duckett, is now also extremely proud to offer production and tour managers the distinctive opportunity to help them finally be able to “take the stress out of storage.” Our brand-new, one-stop-shop storage center Put What Where? was especially designed with the ever-shifting touring world in mind.

This satellite facility is an all-encompassing storage facility and rest stop for the hard-working drivers, roadies, and backstage crew in our ever-expanding production industry. Conveniently located mere minutes from the SW? offices in Rancho Dominguez, this indoor/outdoor location will provide a crucial one-stop shop for tours and their squads. And it’s all done with the same “Extreme Service” and competitive rates that our customers have grown to depend on in an industry that is well-known for last minute, and often frustrating, changes.

President Megan Duckett says she is “especially excited to offer something exceptional and extraordinary to our backend production teams—the truck drivers, the roadies, the bus drivers, the PA’s–that has not previously been available to them.  We really wanted to recognize the hard work and efforts of not only the tour managers, but of ALL of the crew members that it takes to put on a successful tour—large or small.” First and foremost, this new 1.5 acre storage center offers our customers complete drapery service, so that their tour’s and production’s drapes will be ready to go for their next installment, whenever that might be (inspect, wash, dry, repair, flame-test, flameproof, fold, and ultimately, store).

We also offer a huge amount of storage space not just for tour drapery, but for production design elements, rigging, and set pieces, too. For smaller storage needs, we correspondingly offer a “Storage Cubby,” a fully enclosed 5’ x 5’ x 4’6” storage cube with locking zipper door, which is ideal for both personal or production storage of a slighter nature. In addition to these varieties of storage options, this easily freeway accessible site has handy bus and trailer parking, trailer storage, power hookups and a waste station for tour buses, and state of the art camera and alarm systems to ensure the complete security of all of your gear.

One of the most unique features of this new facility are the fabulous “Bedsit Rooms,” which provide drivers and roadies with a safe and comfortable place to rest and relax in between runs around town, or even overnight. Comprised of a full kitchen, washer/dryer, separate bathrooms (with shower), and WiFi access, these private quarters are what truly make this location stand out from the rest. Put What Where? ingeniously offers production teams a single, all-encompassing location to store their tour gear and soft goods, have a much-deserved, relaxing break, and then let the Put What Where? staff take care of the rest—all with the warm smiles and remarkable service that they have come to expect from everyone involved in the SW? organization.

Call Megan at 310-639-6000, or email, to schedule a tour or receive a service quote today!

22 04, 2020

7 Mask Gift Set – Tattoo Inspired Designs

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We are excited to be making masks right now and doing our part (in some small way) to help keep people safe. And of course, our solid color masks are our core product.

But we wanted to offer people a little something more, and so we began our designer collection. Masks with fun, interesting and colorful designs to allow the wearer to show off a little personality.

Now we are taking it to another level with this gift set. This set includes seven (7) masks that were inspired by tattoo designs.  You’ll get one of each:

  • Día de los Muertos
  • Tiger
  • Webbed Destiny
  • Mariposa (Butterfly)
  • Harvest Dragon
  • Spirit Moth
  • Summer Bloom

Complete set designed by tattoo artist Tony “Solgr” Tovar, @solgr, The Dolorosa Tattoo Studio, Studio City CA.

Available in Adult or Junior sets.

10 03, 2020

Looking for Inspiration? Check Out our Portfolios

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If you haven’t checked out our portfolios on our website recently, I wanted to give you a little taste of what you will find in each of the portfolios. Here are just a few projects to inspire you – visit out Portfolios page to see many other featured projects that we are proud to have worked on.


America – the home of legendary rock bands and so many of today’s pop stars. Madonna, Britney Spears, Don Henley, Sting; we have draped and masked stages for the best of them. While we tend to remember a concert in terms of the “set” and the “lighting and effects,” the draperies play an often invisible but integral role in how the show comes together. Giant painted stage backdrops set the scene, masking hides tech areas from the crowd, borders dress the floating trusses to hide the lighting instruments, and skirting surrounds the stage and band risers. Soft goods, as they are known to the “roadies,” are a major part of any touring set.

Project: Tenacious D
Fabric: Brillante

The design for Tenacious D focused on two elements, surface and shape. First, a fabric surface that would mimic a projection screen, and second, a precisely shaped projection proscenium to showcase carefully mapped out graphics. The designer, Dan Hadley, selected our 120 “Brillante,” which has a jet-black backside and a bright white semi-matte surface to take front projection. In order to keep all areas of the proscenium “seamless,” the design was developed so that no individual surface exceeded the 10-foot width of the cloth. The legs were sewn as separate pieces to the proscenium header, making the set three pieces for an easy install. As these photos demonstrate, the Tenacious D production team was able to create a variety of unique looks using the projection proscenium strategy.


If you can visualize it, we can print it.  As big or as wide as you want it.  Check out our show page of really impressive digitally printed backdrops and drapes for really impressive showbiz personalities such as Lady Gaga, Kenny Chesney and Brooks & Dunn.  And see what can be done to blow away the crowds at major public events and trade shows.  We can even combine digital printing with a whole host of special effects that will leave jaws on the floor. 

Project: Marc Anthony “Legacy Tour”
Fabric: Crystal Poplin

Sew What? Inc. created an extraordinary 46’h x 75’w digitally printed brail lift drape in just one week for Marc Anthony’s Legacy Tour. For this project, there were 16 vertical lift lines placed strategically on the back side of the drape. We craft these as near-invisible sewn vertical lines with O-rings running vertically to capture the aircraft cable that is used for lifting the drape. For durability and a gorgeous lighting surface, we chose to direct print onto our Crystal Poplin. In order to make sure that each printed segment is lined up perfectly, we used thousands of sewing pins to pre-pin by hand all the sections of cloth. This backdrop looked amazing on stage for the Legacy Tour!


Grand drape, tab curtain, austrian, theatrical backdrops, tabs, legs and borders…. These are all words that we associate with the stage and the wonderful world of theatre. Sew What? Inc specializes in theatrical drapery manufacturing, so your needs can all be filled with just one telephone call. Not only for professional theatres – don’t forget that schools, churches, universities and even cruise ships have stages!

Photo By George Davidson

Project: GRIDWORKS for Princess Cruises / Ruby Princess
Fabric: IFR 26oz Velour / Custom Dye

Once again we had the privilege of working with Gridworks, one of the premier providers servicing the audio/video needs of the cruise line industry. This project was for Princess Cruise’s Ruby Princess while in dry dock. Gridworks team of installation experts had visited the ship some months prior to dry dock, and were armed with the measurements for a fast changeover and successful replacement of the drapery elements in both the Princess Theatre and Explorers Lounge.  All elements were sewn from Inherently Flame Retardant velour. Aside from the obvious and most featured Austrian Drape there were over 20 other items dressing the stage – including several scrims, a leno, a muslin cyclorama and plenty of masking drapes, legs and borders.


Grammy Awards, SAG Awards, Golden Globe Awards; you name them and we have draped them! Tents in tennis courts and 5 course dinners in stadiums – the special events industry is all about transformation. Watch while designers transform the ordinary special event into the extraordinary. Custom trade show displays rely on the many effects that drapery can provide. Our in-stock inventory of pipe and drape has been an instant solution for many special event planners with a sudden on-site masking issue. Designers and special event planners alike can benefit from our services and fast turnarounds.

Project: Indiana Conference for Women
Fabric: Silver Textura and Pewter Textura

For the Indiana Conference for Women, we used a mixture of drapes from our Silver Satin Rental Drapery Collection. This stage included a row of complementary 30’h Silver Satin, Silver Textura, and Pewter Textura drapery legs with 16’h-22’h Crushed Silver Satin Swags. These drapes covered the entire wall of the ballroom, giving the event a clean, timeless appearance. These curtains light up beautifully, reflecting the colorful light splashed onto them. By using this mix of our rental drapes, they were able to have their own unique vision become a stunning reality.


Our rental drapery team has performed for many of the biggest names in entertainment, so we know the realities of dressing up a major venue and dancing around all the surprises that can pop up at the last second. It’s not just about having the right products, but having the experience and service our customers will remember when it comes to booking each new tour.

Project: Jonathan Antoine
Fabric: Pewter Textura

For Jonathan Antoine’s first solo performance in the United States, his team was looking for stage curtains that would be easy to work with, light up beautifully, and give the stage a timeless look. Antoine’s team decided to use a variety of our Pewter Textura rental drapes from our Timeless and Traditional Rental Drapery Collection. The stage was set using a mixture of pre-pleated legs and swagettes in various sizes. These rental drapes, along with a creative lighting design, resulted in a stunning stage design that gave the show a modern, yet timeless look.

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? There is so much more on our Portfolios page, including links to more content on Flickr and YouTube. So, make sure to head over to our Portfolios page today, and feel free to contact us for help with your next project!