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24 05, 2021

Voices Of Our City Choir Is Rockin’ Our MusiCares C-19 Relief Fund Face Masks

By |May 24th, 2021|Masks, News|1 Comment

Helping to support those in the music industry is a cause we here at SW? Inc. have always felt very passionately about. Therefore, we wanted to try and do something special to help the music creators and professionals in this industry who have been hit so very hard by this pandemic economically, as well as physically and mentally. We are so proud to have been able to show our heartfelt gratitude to the music industry at large by donating $1 to the indispensable MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund for every single one of our custom made MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund dual-layered cloth face masks—designed so brilliantly by Sew What? friend and skilled entertainment industry graphic artist John Rios of John Rios Designs. This monetary donation included every single one of this style of mask that we either sold or donated over the last year since we launched the MusiCares mask back in April 2020

We have been particularly happy to be able to donate these funds directly to this organization, which is a truly fantastic aid organization that “helps the humans behind music.” Offering preventive, emergency, and recovery programs, MusiCares is a safety net supporting the health and welfare of the music community across a broad spectrum of issues. It provides a safety net of critical health and welfare services to the music community in three key areas—Mental Health, Health Services, and Human Services. Founded by the Recording Academy in 1989, MusiCares safeguards the well-being of all music people through direct financial grant programs, networks of support resources, and tailored crisis relief efforts. Our amazing customers stepped up in a big way to buy these special face masks, enabling us to be able to continue to donate money to this incredible cause—and every dollar helps!

Recently, we were truly honored to have been able to make a donation of these custom made C-19 MusiCares dual-layered cloth (reusable/washable) face masks to the amazing and inspiring individuals with the Voices Of Our City Choir down in San Diego, California. You may recognize their name from Season 15 of America’s Got Talent, where not only did they get Terry Crews’ “Golden Buzzer” during their audition, but they made it all the way to the semi-finals!

A little background on this indispensable choir….They consist of both sheltered and unsheltered/homeless individuals in the San Diego region, those recently sheltered but near the poverty line and in fear of returning to homelessness, as well as housed and stable members of our society who want to be a part of the solution. With over 225 members at any given time, Voices of Our City Choir‘s weekly rehearsals and programs have become a beacon of hope for those experiencing homelessness. Professional musicians, staff, and volunteers provide a safe space each week for music making – providing them “outreach” without it actually feeling like outreach. Their choir members are given the option to work with their Case Managers and Peer Support Specialists (individuals who have lived experience of homelessness) working at their pace, thus building trust and a bond from people who show that they value them as a person. And most importantly, their staff is trained to recognize the individual and to build a strong rapport and connect the person with all of the resources that are available to them—which has helped dozens of their members move from homelessness to housing in just five short years. Very impressive indeed!

Even though the country is slowly but surely getting their crucial vaccinations for Covid-19, we know that people will need to continue to wear masks for a while to come, until enough of the country obtains them and we can reach herd immunity. Plus when out and about in public we just can’t know for sure who is vaccinated and who isn’t, so wearing a face mask is going to be an important part of our daily lives indefinitely. Public speaking and live performing offers their members an immediate opportunity to develop and professionalize their speaking and presentation skills, while also offering the general population the opportunity to see that people experiencing homelessness are actual human beings with hopes and dreams, and how homelessness can happen to anyone. And since the Voices Of Our City choir is typically invited to perform all around Southern California with up to 7 performances in a single month, we are so glad that they will be able to continue to do so in a safe manner by wearing our dual-layered SW face masks.

Being able to donate these special face masks to Voices Of Our City Choir, and then be able to donate the funds directly to MusiCares, has been a win-win-win for everyone involved—especially for us! We couldn’t have been happier to help out in our own unique way, as we know that in trying times like these we all need to be able to rely on one another for help, support, and encouragement as much as possible.

1 04, 2021

SW Is Thrilled To Be Part Of Local Distribution Event

By |April 1st, 2021|Masks, News, Projects|1 Comment

Here at Sew What? Inc., we absolutely love being a part of our local Southern California community. And being able to help out those who need it most in any way that we can continues to bring us immense joy. There is no better way to further support those less fortunate than ourselves than by seeing what might be needed and providing what we can to alleviate even a small burden from someone else’s shoulders.

Recently we were genuinely honored to be able to donate a sizable quantity of Juniors dual-layered face masks to the incredible organization Olive Crest, that does incredibly important and inspirational work for those that are most vulnerable, right here in the LA area. They act to help break the vicious cycle of child abuse and enable at-risk children and families to become healthy, happy, production citizens.

They have had necessary drive-through distributions more often during the Covid-19 pandemic, in which they are able to provide essential items for families and kids when they need them the most. Everything from non-perishable foods and beverages, to hand sanitizers and all sorts of personal hygiene products, to items that will help the children feel a semblance of normalcy again (like soft blankets, children’s books, and beloved stuffed animals of all kinds). And with their most recent distribution, we were thrilled that they were also able to hand out our custom dual-layered Junior-sized cloth face masks in several fun and engaging designs, too (with built in pockets that can be used for PM 2.5 Activated Carbon filters, for even more added protection).

Speaking with the tireless and hardworking Olive Crest Community Involvement and Development Manager, Nicholas King, we were thrilled to hear that that our donated face masks were a big hit with the parents and grandparents, to better keep both their kids and their other family members at home safe and healthy. But apparently they were a particularly HUGE hit with the kids, who got a real kick out of getting to pick out their own brand-new favorite style of face mask to wear. We understand that the more excited kids are to wear a face mask, the better chance of them wanting to do so on a daily basis. And since it seems more imperative than ever to have everyone continue to wear a face mask to better flatten the curve–once and for all–we know how crucial it is for children to want to wear one.

We appreciate knowing the extraordinary efforts that Olive Crest does for these kids each and every single day, and we were truly grateful to have been a small part of their successful distribution event. As they often like to say, “Everyone Can Do Something…What’s YOUR Something?” Check them out this month especially (as April is Child Abuse Prevention Month), and see what simple yet significant things you might be able to do to help them, too!

2 02, 2021

Support MusiCares with a Free Mask

By |February 2nd, 2021|Company, Masks, News|1 Comment

It’s finally 2021, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally leave 2020 behind, and start fresh with a wonderful new year with our customers. Your business and continued support is genuinely appreciated! 

We wanted to show our heartfelt gratitude to the Entertainment Industry at large, and to our customers and blog subscribers specifically, by extending a coupon code for a free face mask – our fabulous MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund face mask. (limit one per person)

We here at Sew What? are paying it forward to our entertainment friends and family with this free mask promotion–with every one of these dual-layered face masks given away during this special coupon promotion, Sew What? will donate $1 to the indispensable #Musicares COVID-19 Relief Fund. Not only will you get this fantastic face mask for free (only paying shipping costs), but you will also be helping to support those in the entertainment industry who have been gravely affected by all of the closures and cancellations this past year, and have been hit so very hard by this pandemic—without costing you an extra cent.

It is a win-win for everyone!

Simply clink on the link below, add the MusiCares face mask to your cart, and proceed to Checkout. Add the coupon code MUSICARES, pay the low shipping cost, and we will send out your free MusiCares mask to you straight away….It’s as easy as that! (limited quantities available, first come first served)

28 01, 2021

Vaccinated, And It Feels So Good!

By |January 28th, 2021|Masks, News, Products|1 Comment

With the Covid-19 vaccine being slowly given to all Americans over the course of the next 8-12 months, it is still being highly recommended to follow CDC guidelines like wearing a face mask until told otherwise by those studying this coronavirus. We have been very happy to offer our clients new, beautiful, adorable, and inspirational custom-embroidered Designer Face Mask designs over the past few months. Being able to wear a unique face mask for special holidays, events, charities, and topics that they are passionate about is a wonderful way to further encourage folks to continue to wear a face mask each and every time they step out of their homes, and any time they are around other people that are not part of their immediate households.

Our newest embroidered dual-layered cloth face masks are perhaps some of the most important ones we’ve ever made—“Vaccinated!” Wearing this custom embroidered face mask (with built-in pocket for PM 2.5 charcoal filters) helps to demonstrate to your friends, family, and neighbors that you will continue to do everything possible to once and for all help wipe out Covid-19 from its very existence. Available in both neutral black as well as patriotic red, white, and blue to better show off your American pride!

Doctors are saying that you need to be extremely careful for a while still–even after receiving the vaccination–so it’s very important that everyone keeps wearing a mask until told otherwise (especially with the Federal mandate being implemented). Our new dual layered face masks are great for families to provide to their elderly friends and loved ones who have already been lucky enough to have been vaccinated. As such, these are also really helpful for those in nursing homes, hospitals, care centers, and other high-volume facilities who need to better keep track of those who have already been able to get vaccinated, and those that still need one. By wearing these masks, they will be able to continue keeping each and every patient safe and healthy, and also uphold their patients’ comfort and confidence levels to be around those who may have not been able to be vaccinated yet.

By continuing to maintain 6 feet of social distance, by wearing a face mask whenever we’re around anyone outside our immediate households, and by getting vaccinated as soon as we are all able to safely do so, we can ALL help this country get healthy once again and businesses back on their feet (especially in the touring and event industries). Getting yourself and your loved ones vaccinated for Covid-19, and wearing one of these new dual-layered custom cloth face masks, are excellent ways to show the world that you’ve now honestly done everything possible to help flatten the curve of this terrible illness. And that you will still do whatever is needed to keep those in your community as safe and healthy as possible. Let’s beat this thing, together!

(Pair any of our face masks with one of these colorful Unisex Baseball Caps with Ear Saver System, to look good while also keeping your ears comfy all day long!)

14 10, 2020

Behind The Face Masks–How SW Has Adapted To The Changing Times

By |October 14th, 2020|Digital Printing, Masks, Products, Projects|0 Comments

The Global Covid-19 Pandemic has definitely put a “damper” on a lot of the entertainment industry’s regularly scheduled programs, concerts, and shows. There have been numerous changes going around SW?’s workroom lately….In light of the pandemic, Sew What? has been using our sewing team’s impressive and meticulous manufacturing skills to aide in offsetting the spread of the virus as much as we can, by building and selling colored, specialty, and custom-made face masks (and other PPE items) to help alleviate the burden of mask shortages that the country was starting to experience.

On top of also continuing to sell and rent fabulous drapes to new and existing clients who are lucky enough to have a need for them in today’s current environment, our sewing room has been completely retrofitted to build these extraordinary double-layered face masks as well. We are very pleased to report that our comfortable, unique, and affordable face masks are now starting to get a name for themselves, too! And we are thrilled to also be able to offer a whole selection of “Cover Up For A Cause” charity masks and PPE items, too, which automatically donate $1 to several important causes with every purchase.

This past spring, recent UCSB Journalism graduate Fabioloa Esqueda came to visit our facility and was able to speak with our company’s incredibly assiduous and industrious owner and President Megan Duckett, to hear all about the trials, tribulations, and uncertainties that have been the forefront of her thinking during this harrowing time for us all. Fabiola was also able to converse with some of our diligent manufacturing team members to hear about their own personal experiences during the county-mandated quarantine, too.

She ended up writing up an amazing piece entitled “Behind The Face Masks,” consisting of an engaging article and a gripping video. Both beautifully illustrate Sew What?’s transition in efforts for both our remarkable company leader, Megan, as well as our magnificent sewing staff–some of whom have been working with SW? for a decade or longer. We were honored to have been able to impart our story with Fabiola, and to have her share it with all of her readers too.

Please take a few minutes to read and watch this piece about our Whatter’s Family journey into the truly unknown. A lot of companies have had to retrofit their business models during these unprecedented times, and we feel privileged to have helped demonstrate that they are NOT alone. Our hope is that by continuing to work together, and by supporting local businesses in the touring and entertainment industries, we will get through this difficult time and come out the other end stronger than ever.