Sew What? Inc.’s President Megan Duckett Appears on CNN’s “Passion to Portfolio” Business Series

President Megan Duckett’s founding of Sew What? Inc., a manufacturer of stage drapes, is the focus of a CNN segment, “Passion to Portfolio” series.

November 24, 2015
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November 24, 2015 – Rancho Dominguez, CA — Who doesn’t love a business success story? The CNN series called “Passion to Portfolio” follows a variety of people from across the globe, examining how their commitment and drive in doing what they love helped them achieve business success.

A recent video piece titled “The Woman Behind Rock Bands’ Backdrops” on the CNN Passion to Portfolio segment, focused on Megan Duckett – founder of Sew What? Inc. a theatrical draping company outside of Los Angeles, California. Sew What? provides concert backdrops worldwide for A-List musicians like KISS, John Legend, Rod Stewart and Madonna.

How Duckett got her start and her individual mantra for her ongoing success was the focus of the CNN piece. She revealed how she’d initially worked in entertainment and event planning for several years, when a chance request to sew coffin linings for a Halloween event put her sewing skills to the test.

The coffin sewing gig started Duckett wondering if her passion for sewing might be something she could in fact, make a living from. She found support from her husband, along with family and friends, and vetted out additional sewing work as a night-time hobbyist seamstress.

Four years later Megan Duckett was convinced she could make a go of it. The Australian immigrant decided to leave her day job. It had become clear that she had found a niche in providing custom stage draperies and fabric treatments, was earning more from her sewing hobby, and enjoying herself immensely more. Thus, Sew What? Inc. was founded in 1997. Megan and Adam Duckett grew the company over the years following, and in 2011 added a sister company which rents out stage draperies, called Rent What? Inc.

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to bring my hobby into my everyday life. That’s really what made the difference for me,” says Duckett. She additionally credits “creativity, ingenuity and an against-all-odds, must-do approach to customer service” as her personal and her company’s unique and best attributes. Eighteen years from its initial founding, Sew What? is a noted provider internationally for custom-sewn theatrical drapes and fabrics for the entertainment and special events industries.

Check out Megan Duckett’s and Sew What?’s feature video in CNN’s ‘Passion to Portfolio’ here.

About Sew What? Inc.
Sew What? Inc., located in Rancho Dominguez, California, is a well-known stage and theatrical drapery manufacturer known for its dramatic theatrical drapes and fabrics used in major rock concerts, top fashion shows and other artistic staged venues. Their drapes have dressed the stages of Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, and Motley Crue to name a few. The company has received numerous awards for innovation, including the Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award, and was featured on the 1000th cover of Rolling Stone. For information, contact Sew What? Inc. at (310) 639-6000, or email

About Rent What? Inc.
Rent What? Inc. is committed to providing an ultimate experience in drapery rental products and customer service. The firm, located in Rancho Dominguez, CA, has set the stage for artists including Janet Jackson, Foo Fighters, and Nickelback. In addition to its large inventory of Inherently Flame Retardant stage drapes, traveler tracks and portable dressing rooms, the company is widely regarded for its basic pricing schedules, innovative damage waiver policy and fast and friendly service. For information, contact Rent What? Inc. at (310) 639-6000 or visit