Sew What? Inc. Provides Unique Stage Drapery Solution for Miranda Lambert’s Platinum Tour

Sew What? Inc. came up with a workable solution for some unique concert venue and drapery challenges of country singer, Miranda Lambert on her Platinum Tour.

October 10, 2014
Contact: Lynda Vaughn, Sew What? Inc.
Tel: (310) 639-6000

Rancho Dominguez, CA – The recession of the past few years has seen many businesses downsizing. The music industry has also seen a good number of changes, including the downsizing of concert sizes and in venue selection. Headlining acts, used to playing at only large arenas and amphitheaters, now regularly take in medium sized venues as part of their tours. This can require a changeup in set pieces and stage draperies due to the smaller, mid-size venues.

Case-in-point, the hot country singer, Miranda Lambert, currently on her Platinum Tour, had some unique concert venue and drapery challenges. U.S. stage drapery manufacturer, Sew What? Inc., based in Rancho Dominguez, California, recently came up with a workable solution.

Lambert’s international concerts included some bookings at smaller venues and those requiring a shorter travel and installation time, which limited the use of Lambert’s large “hard set” LED screen surround that she used for the big venues and “at home” shows in the USA.

Megan Duckett, President of Sew What? Inc. reports on the solution; “For international travels we “replicated” the hard set fascia pieces as a “sewn screen border”. We had the challenge of matching textures and colors and also adding in some detailing to recreate the hard set look when the set pieces weren’t viable due to venue limitations. The cloth version we came up with could come right out of the travel and storage hamper ready for use!”

Steps to complete the task included:

  • A heavy weight polyester velour was selected as the backing. Encore Velour fabric gives
  • a matter low nap finish that absorbs light. For this scenario it was important that the black areas of the drape “fall out” and that the chromed areas “pop”.

  • For the chromed detail areas, a pattern was printed at full scale on Sew What?’s Vutek wide format digital printer, used for digitally printed backdrops. The paper pattern rendered the artists design at full size, which was then traced onto the silver platinum cloth, chosen for its reflective finish, and very low profile black warp thread.
  • Setting the applique to the backing cloth required hand pinning, and skilled staff then hand operated and guided the machine sewing. The finishing touch was a 1/4″ black trim element, gave it depth and broke up the design to more accurately replicate the hard set version.
  • How did the finished stage drape design tie in, as far as to the look and feel on the Platinum Tour? Just like Lambert’s recent single, “Somethin’ Bad,” — in mod speak — meaning “great”.

    About Sew What? Inc.
    Sew What? Inc., located in Rancho Dominguez, California, is a well-known stage and theatrical drapery manufacturer known for its dramatic theatrical drapes and fabrics used in major rock concerts, top fashion shows and other artistic staged venues. Their drapes have dressed the stages of Sting, Elton John, Madonna, and Rod Stewart to name a few. The company has received numerous awards for innovation, including the Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award, and was featured on the 1000th cover of Rolling Stone. For information, contact Sew What? Inc. at (310) 639-6000, or email