Rent What? Inc.’s Cabaret Rental Drapes Showcased at Aerosmith Concert at the Forum in LA

Rent What? Inc. Cabaret rental drapes were used at a special July Aerosmith concert at the Forum in LA, in a new arrangement of the iconic song, “Dream On”.

August 22, 2014
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Rancho Dominguez, CA (8/22/14) – Imagine the delight of Rent What? Inc. last month when they learned that their rental drapes were being considered for use during a special July 30th Aerosmith concert at the Forum in LA. The stylish Cabaret Crimson drape was ultimately chosen as part of a surprise reveal of the Southern California Children’s Chorus, in performing along with Aerosmith in new version of the band’s classic 1973 song, Dream On. This special version of the song was dedicated to the band’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry released the new arrangement of “Dream On”, to honor the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. The 2013 Marathon bombing resulted in three deaths, and more than 260 were injured when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the marathon.

The drapery rental company, Rent What? Inc. as first contacted by Steve “Chopper” Borges, veteran Production Manager for legendary rockers, Aerosmith.

Borges was looking for an interesting drape, along with traveler track, to use for the tour’s upcoming show at the Forum in LA. Megan Duckett, the company’s President and CEO, suggested the opulent Crimson Cabaret bi-parting drape as an eye-catching addition to the set design, and Borges agreed. Plans for the Concert’s stage drapery rental moved speedily along from there.

Duckett says, “This drape’s exquisite 100% fullness, and extra touches like its gold bullion and intricately detailed gold satin trims and accents, help this decadent drape set light beautifully on any stage. Its beautiful patterns and details gives stage designers a “creative ease” not always experienced with rental drapes.”

You can visit the Sew What? & Rent What? YouTube channel and see a short video segment on the Concert and stage drape here, [ ] .

The Crimson Cabaret drape is part of the Timeless and Traditional Drapery Collection of Rent What? Inc., which include a full line of Sculptured Velourettes, Solid Velours, Textured Poly Silks, Trim and Tassels. The Cabaret Drape captures

the look of old school theatre and is extremely versatile. It has been selected for all types of event designs — everything from lush awards shows to high-octane rock concerts. Production managers appreciate that Rent What’s “A La Carte” options allow them to select pieces that can accommodate nearly any stage and budget.

Aerosmith’s Tyler and Perry have also recorded a performance of the new tune with the Southern California Children’s Chorus this past spring and recently released it as a single on iTunes. A video of the performance was featured as part of the ESPN April anniversary special, “Dream On: Stories From Boston’s Strongest.”

The Sew What? & Rent What? YouTube channel is at Videos showcasing a wide variety of rental drapery are also available at the company’s website,

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