Company History

Sew What? Inc. ” It’s not a question, it’s the answer.”

Sew What? was destined to be “the answer” from the moment it was conceived. The early 1990’s left no question in any production manager’s mind that there was a desperate need for a soft goods supplier with first hand knowledge of the theatre, experience with the “tourability” of fabrics and the willingness to deliver the goods “yesterday”.

Established in 1992, Sew What? began by designing, manufacturing and installing theatrical drapery and stage curtains. Strong company values and a clear mission statement combined with unwavering determination to provide a “customer-centric” service have helped establish a loyal customer base and the reputation as the Theatrical Drapery Manufacturer and Custom Sewing Service for the touring industry.

Company History

Sales and Support Staff with Sew What? Inc owners Megan and Adam Duckett

Sew What? has manufactured soft goods for numerous artists, including Maroon 5, Slip Knot, Green Day, Avril Lavigne, Sting, Foo Fighters, Rod Stewart and Don Henley. Prestigious drapery installations for theatres such as the historic “Victoria Theatre” in Santa Barbara, CA are the result of competitive pricing and manufacturing excellence.

Emphasis on customer service, consistent delivery of quality products and timely deliveries has resulted in steady growth for the Corporation. Having recently expanded, Sew What? now occupies a 15,000 sq ft building in Rancho Dominguez, CA, and employs an experienced staff of 33.

About Our Staff

With a strong and diverse team of sales staff, Sew What? designs and manufactures for a broad range of entertainment related industries. Our experienced sales team has expertise in the design and manufacture of theatre draperies and concert soft goods, and each of our sales staff has a unique understanding of the specific needs within their field of study and experience.

Explanation of Soft Goods and Drapery Products

Sew What? manufactures concert soft goods, as well as stage curtains for schools, community theaters and auditoriums, colleges and professional theaters. Our drapery and fabric projects have also been used across the country and internationally at rock concert venues, fashion shows, conference halls and even at governor inaugurations. We offer a full catalog of products and services, including: soft good design services, fabric sourcing, custom stage curtains and drapery, tradeshow and exhibit supplies, traveler track and hamper distribution as well as expendable production supplies.

What Does The Future Have In Store?

Sew What? Inc. will continue to provide the highest quality draperies, sewing services and related products in a timely manner to our customers. We are committed to developing relationships built on performance, trust, exceptional service and our ability to offer appropriate solutions to an ever changing marketplace.

See news report about how American theatrical drapery manufacturer and U.S. soft textile manufacturer, Sew What? Inc. has begun applying “Made in America” labels to their stage and theatrical drapery products to showcase that they are all-American-made.

Ms. Duckett has called upon the entertainment industry, their primary source of business, to rally behind the effort to buy American-made products and support U.S. companies as much as possible. This commitment to representing U.S produced goods includes a small offering of Rock n Roll Clothing Brands and Rockstar Jeans that Ms Duckett offers thru her “micro entity” Rock’n Roll Outfitters. The theme fits perfectly with the backdrop client base – and gives another creative outlet to the seamstress who loves the music on stage as much as off stage.

Duckett has offered, “It’s imperative that we as Americans make the effort to support and purchase products made in America by an American labor force. Every time a U.S. mill closes, the chances of another U.S. mill opening in its place are slim to none. So it’s up to us.”

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