About Us

The Sew What? Show…

was established by founder/president Megan Duckett in 1992. Sew What? Inc. has since become the premier manufacturer of custom stage draperies, theatrical drapes and fabrics for the entertainment and special events industries. Our sister company, Rent What? Inc. is a premier rental drapes provider. Visit our blog for more news and history.

Rebellious creativity, surprising ingenuity and an against-all-odds, must-do approach to customer service are our most unique company attributes. (It’s what you get when the chief officer is a feisty Australian-born female rocker committed to extreme results!)

Product Lines

Our product line includes the following:

Stage Curtains and Drapery:

Stage Backdrops & Cycloramas
Main Stage Drapes / Curtains
Austrian / Venetian / Braille Drapes
Tab Drapes / Curtains
Theater Scrims and Bobbinettes

Trade Show & Exhibit Supply:
Pipe and Base / Pipe and Drape
Custom Digital Trade Show Displays
Custom Tent Wall and Ceiling Liners

Theatrical Drapery Supply:
Curtain Tracks
Canvas Hampers
Commando Cloth and Theatrical Fabrics
Ready-to-Ship Masking Drapes

Our Portfolios

Visit our Portfolios and you’ll find we’ve manufactured gorgeous drapes and soft goods for numerous major artists, including Maroon 5, Slip Knot, Green Day, Sting, James Taylor, Foo Fighters, Madonna, Rod Stewart and Don Henley.

We also manufacture stage curtains for those important productions at elementary, middle and high schools, community theaters, churches and college auditoriums – not to mention providing drapes and soft goods for special events, trade shows, fashion shows, conferences, even the occasional inaugural ball.

Our headquarters and production facilities is in Rancho Dominguez in Los Angeles County, California where we service a worldwide clientele looking the best custom-sewn theatrical drapes. We’re proud to offer our American-made products, and we try to buy American-made products and support U.S. companies as much as possible.

Visit the Sew What? News Room for recent articles about our stage drapery company and additional happenings.

About Rent What? Inc.

Rent What? began as a simple request from clients of our custom sewing company, Sew What? Inc. They said they were looking for a drapery rental company offering the same kick-ass service they received from Sew What?. They wanted fair pricing without hidden repair charges and extra fees. They wanted high quality drapes delivered on time, as ordered. They also wanted to reach a real person they knew and trusted when calling for a quote. And they wanted their estimates promptly. Our clients are creative, talented and, of course, busy, with no extra time to spend hassling with their drape order. Our goal is to simplify the rental of soft goods. We understand that there are many elements that go into a successful production. We handle the drapes.

Ultimate Rentals

Ultimate: adj: furthest or highest in degree or order; utmost or extreme

  • Sewn of the finest inherently flame retardant or treated fabrics
  • Expertly cleaned, inspected, and maintained
  • Delivered in complimentary storage bags or hampers
  • Flame certification sent with every drape

Extreme Service

Extreme: adj: of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity; far beyond a norm in quantity or amount

  • Phones answered by a real live, coherent person
  • Fast, accurate, upfront quotes
  • Additional protection available to eliminate surprise repair fees and extra charges
  • Complete, personal support of your project from initial request to load-out and beyond

Sew What? Company Directory

Customer Service
Shane Nelsen
Marilyn Moss
Marianne Lopez
Andrea Fraser
Megan Duckett, CMO

Lynda Vaughn, General Manager
Rosalie Zigman, Special Projects
Nicole Smythe, Administrative Assistant

Linda Johnson, Accounting
Adam Duckett, CFO

Rick Garcia, General Operations Manager
Michelle Cecena, Sewing Operations Manager
Kim Curran, Purchasing Agent
Chris Greenhaw, Logistics & Traffic Coordinator

Call us at (310) 639-6000

Stage drapery company Sew What? Inc. has a fascinating Company History, and is proud of the wide variety of theatrical venues and many designs that we’ve manufactured over the years. To view some of our notable theater curtain designs, check out our drapery portfolio.