Flame Retardancy

Flame Retardancy Issues

Whether you are utilizing fabric for stage drapes or huge digitally-printed backdrops, trade show booth panels or special event décor drapery, one key factor is ensuring that the fabric you choose meets flame retardancy regulations, requirements and standards. This can be a complicated issue to understand. Should you choose fabric that is FR or IFR? What does “NFPA 701” mean? How do you find flame retardancy answers to requirements in your area?

To help you better understand this complex issue, Sew What? has compiled information on a wide variety of topics related to flame retardant fabric and drapery. Please click on the links below for brief informational topics, in-depth articles, and flame retardancy answers. If, after reading through this information, you still have questions, please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have on flame retardant fabrics.