Traveler Curtain

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The conventional action of a Draw or Traveler curtain is the drawing together of two curtain halves on two overlapping sections of track. The track guides the carriers, which are attached to the top edge of the curtain at about 1-foot intervals.

The draw line is fastened to the first or lead carrier which pushes or pulls the rest of the carriers to open or close the curtain. Sometimes a one-way traveler is needed, which means that instead of coming from opposite sides of the stage, the curtain is drawn on stage from one side on a single long track.

Typical Fabric Choices for a main stage drape or traveler include Cotton Velour, and Encore Velour. While an upstage drape may sewn unlined, a main stage drape will usually be lined to help with opacity and add to the life of the drape.

Track Recommendations for this type of application include the Silent Steel 280 series and the Besteel 170 Series by ADC.