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A standard stage backdrop or theatrical backdrop is made from flame retardant muslin, sewn without fullness. It has a strip of very heavy fabric, called webbing, across the top, which is studded with grommets. (Brass eyelets that are embedded into the fabric) Small pieces of tie-line are then fed through the grommets so that the drop can be tied to what ever will support it. Typically a drop will have a pipe pocket sewn onto the bottom to accept a pipe. The weight of the pipe will help to pull the drop flat.

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For theatrical backdrops and scenery, images and textures can be added to a hand painted scenic stage backdrop by a scenic artist or digitally printed on a backdrop. Either method may be combined with bobinette or scrim fabric to create a cut drop. You can also create a starry nightscape scene using LED stage backdrops.

Sew What? Inc. creates custom theatrical scenery and fabric stage backdrops for theaters, corporate events and parties, exhibitions, and concert tours. For a look at some of our custom theater and stage backdrop designs, check out our drapery portfolio. As every backdrop is unique, please contact us for pricing.

Types of Stage Drapes and Curtains:

Grand Drape | Backdrop | Traveler | Tableau | Contour | Austrian Braille | Teaser/Tormentors | Legs-Border | Sharkstooth Scrim | Cyclorama

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