The largest single piece of scenery in the theatre is the cyclorama or “cyc”. As the name implies, it encircles or partially encloses the scene to form the background. It’s most familiar use is as a sky or void backing a setting or elements of scenery placed in the foreground. Occasionally it is painted with a decorative or pictorial scene to fit a specific show. Interestingly the cyclorama can be manufactured as a rigid cyc (hard scenery) or flexible cyc (fabric). The majority of theatres tend to favor the flexible cyc as it permits being moved more easily.

Typical Fabric Choices: As seams tend to interrupt the smooth surface of the cyclorama it is usually recommended that it be made from extra-wide muslin so that it can be of seamless construction. Because of the large exposed surface area that is typically white or neutral in color the fabric cyclorama is subject to deterioration and typically requires replacing in shorter intervals than the stage draperies of colored and more durable fabrics.

Track Recommendations for this type of application will usually be for a rolled Schedule 40 pipe with Spigots for dead hung installation onto a batten for trim flexibility. The flat background of the cyclorama blends into the sides in a gentle arc and is kept smooth by fast