Contour Curtain

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The contour curtain is made is a single panel with great fullness, usually about 200 percent of the curtain width. The curtain, which is made of thin or soft material to drape well, is tripped by a series of vertical draw lines attached to the bottom edge of the curtain and running through rings on the back to pulleys attached on the batten. By varying the lift on certain lines the bottom edge of the curtain takes on many different contours.

Typical Fabric Choice for a contour drape is Iridescent Silky Charmeuse. For a spectacular piece consider metal boucle or liquid lame.

Track Recommendations for this type of application will vary depending on the number of lift lines and whether they are motorized or not. A decorative set piece that is not intended to move can be rigged with fixed lines from a batten and will not require any track.
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