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Drape Descriptions

If you’re wondering about the difference between theater curtains and stage curtain types then this is the place for you! Backdrops, Kabuki’s, Teasers, Tormenters, Border Curtains, or Theater Scrims, the stage curtain pictures and explanations in this drapery resource section will be sure to help. You’ll find answers to many of your questions about custom stage curtains, including best fabrics to select, how to install and what purpose each drape has on a stage.

Fabric eSwatches

Fabric eSwatches

Confused about fabric selection and flame retardant fabrics? Sew What? Inc. is here to help!
There are a lot of options in theater curtains and stage curtains – especially when it comes to fabrics and materials. We’re here to assist you with your fabric selection, and see that your curtains and draperies are made per your exact needs and specifications. We have an extensive line of Fire Retardant fabrics, including popular theatrical and special event fabrics like Trevira Polyester (see whitepaper).

Flame Retardancy

Flame Retardancy is a complex issue, and so to help you better understand this complicated subject, Sew What? has compiled information on a wide variety of topics related to flame retardant fabric and drapery. Whether you are utilizing fabric for stage drapes or huge digitally-printed backdrops, trade show booth panels or special event décor drapery, one key factor is ensuring that the fabric you choose meets flame retardancy regulations, requirements and standards. Visit these white papers to study and learn more.

Sew What? Inc. Blog

It’s all sew biz! Visit and subscribe to our weblog about theatrical drapery and stage curtains for Production Managers, Set Designers, Custom Drapery Resellers, and local/school/church Productions.

White Papers

A collection of written articles and white papers relating to custom stage curtains. We know that the wealth of options can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if you are new to the world of stage drapery. Learn about drapery fullness and pleating, top and bottom finishes, different drapery styles, and how to measure for custom stage curtains. For those who like the finer details, these informative articles will educate and answer your concerns.

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Video portfolio

Here are all the big stars for your video-viewing pleasure: kabuki drapes, digitally printed drops, Austrian drapes, LED embedded skirting, and so much more. Sew What? rocks the stage! Oh, yes, we’ve got those other stars too: James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson, Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow and a bunch of other huge names making us look good and vice versa. And of course, you can see our own founder Megan Duckett explaining what makes Sew What? the answer!

If you’re a production designer, you’re about to get a bunch of truly outstanding ideas. So click, play, and be very impressed.