Starlight LED Videos

Starlight LED Videos

Who doesn’t like a sparkly night sky, or a colorful, dramatically lit backdrop? With tiny bluish-white LED lights embedded in a rich, black velvety background, the Classic Star Drop Curtain sets the scene of a starry night all while your audience is safely indoors from unpredictable outdoor elements. And the myriad of colored lights of the Chameleon Star Backdrop mean that the colors and patterns you choose are limitless. You can control the star drop curtain intensity of the twinkling lights on the Classic Star Backdrops, as well as create an entire color-motif with LED curtain rental Chameleon Stardrops, so that you can give your event a completely original look every time you use them.

Want something a little softer and more romantic? Our Low Tech LED Drapes, with lines of white lights glowing through sheer white voile, are an ideal way to create a charming look for any stage design imaginable. Layer these drapes on top of drapes from our dynamic Rockin’ Red and Timeless and Traditional Collections for a truly unforgettable look. Captivate your entire audience with our luminous LED backdrops and drapes at your next special event or concert!

A La Carte Elements:
LED Stardrops come with DMX compatible controllers.
15h x 30w / 30h x 15w LED Stardrops with Realistic Blue/White Lights
15h x 30w / 30h x 15w LED Stardrops with Chameleon Color Changing Lights
*Low-Tech LED Drapes are 110v plug and play.
24h x 9w Low-Tech LED Drapes with Static White Lights

Why we love it:
Our components combine to cover the space you need. Run them horizontally or vertically, then join them seamlessly for a continuous starfield.

Famous Friends:
Our stars shone for 3 Mo’Divas….almost as brightly as they did.

Most Compatible With:
Our Rockin’ Red Drapery series will
complete your Starlight scenes with ShowLED backdrops and LED Stardrops, while our Silver Series legs and borders create a sophisticated stage.

Monster Trucks recently rallied beneath our stars. Meanwhile we stole title “Star of the Show”.

To bring the Southern Cross to the Northern Hemisphere.

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