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Our Silver Satin Collection of rental curtains and stage drapes in silvery shades all layer beautifully with one another to help create an exclusive and dazzling look for all of your rock and roll needs. Because they are so versatile and eclectic, they can look even more breathtaking by layering them with drapes from ALL of our dynamic drapery collections. We are the go-to Los Angeles resource for a spectacular Austrian Curtain rental. Just take a moment to view all our inspirational images of our stage curtain rental collections in action.

These stage curtain rental drapes offer some of the most reflective and striking materials imaginable, and adding or changing the colors of the lights being splashed onto them can give them incredible versatility. This can help stage designers everywhere create stunning and distinctive looks for their shows that are completely unique and unparalleled. Everything from a shimmery Satin Austrian Curtain rental to Textura legs and swags, this collection of silver satin curtains has some of the most stunning and versatile drapes we’ve ever created. These drapes all reflect light beautifully, so by simply changing the lighting scheme with sensational colors patterns and intensities you will be able to create an exceptionable look for each part of your show or event, and design a dazzling stage that is truly unforgettable.

IFR Glossy Crushed Satin, Silver
IFR Textura, Pewter
IFR Textura, Silver

A La Carte Elements:
Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget.
Austrian Drape
Bi-parting Drapes
Giant Swags
Mini Swagettes
Adjustable Swaggy Borders

Why we love it:
Lights beautifully with a soft yet reflective finish. Not afraid of a hamper or a tour – this fabric is durable too.

Famous Friends:
Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and John Mayer have all performed before it.

Most Compatible With:
Feels and looks best when hanging out with members of the Rockin’Red Drape Series.

A piece from this Silver Satin Series was recently spotted in the LA Times Calendar section.

To acquire new and modern pieces for this Silver Satin Series. Challenge us with your design – our team of fabric artists will create it for you.

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Rent What Silver Satin Collection
Rent What Silver Satin CollectionRent What Silver Satin Collection