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Rockin’ Red

Rockin' Red Videos

Rockin’ Red Videos

With red drapery options that range from Austrian Backdrops and sky-high Legs, to Grand Bi-Parting Drapes and Swagged Borders, this Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection lends itself to set designs from the romantic all the way to the dramatic. Add some elegance and super-chic flair to your special events with our luxurious Red Satin Austrian drape and coordinating velvety red drape legs. Or give your stage a fantastic old-theater “feel” with our gorgeous Crimson Cabaret bi-parting grand drape and its stunning corresponding border. The exquisite 100% fullness– and extra touches like its gold bullion and gold satin trims and accents–help this decadent drape reflect light beautifully on any stage.

If you are planning on using a Drapery Lift System, our magnificently decadent Venetian red and burgundy toned rental drapes never fail to get everyone’s heart beating fast with excitement. Having your stage drapes already designed with beautiful patterns and textured details gives stage designers a “creative ease” not always experienced with rental drapes. This collection’s sumptuous red rental drapes are extremely versatile, working perfectly with all types of event designs- everything from lush awards shows to high-octane rock concerts. With harmonious shades of red and burgundy, this rockin’ collection of tempting drapery is sure to captivate your audience!

IFR Supervel, Atomic Red IFR Encore, Crimson with Print

A La Carte Elements:
Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget.
Austrian Drape
Bi-parting Drapes
Crimson Cabaret Drapes
Swagged Headers

Why we love it:
Lightweight and luscious. This Rockin’ Red Series has texture, durability and drapeability all sewn up.

Famous Friends:
Robin Thicke and Rolling Stone Magazine love this drapery lineup.

Most Compatible With:
Industrial Texture fans will want to blend contemporary with traditional fabric drapes.

Red domination – stand back and watch while this Rockin’ Red Series takes on the Big Borg. While we may be small, this series is mighty.

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Rent What Rockin' Red Collection
Rent What Rockin' Red CollectionRent What Rockin' Red Collection