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Oh’ So Swanky!

Oh So Swanky! Videos

Oh So Swanky! Videos

Looking for some unique bijoux or mylar rain curtains to create a one-of-a-kind, electrifying stage? Look no further than our Oh’ So Swanky Collection! Modular Drapes, such as our Reflective Mirrors, offer extreme flexibility with 42 individual strings suspending reflective double sided gold mylar square disks. These can be hung together for a clustered look, or hang them upstage and downstage to create a more random, layered look.

Our Gothic Chandeliers, made with individually hand-cut “shards” of silky fabric, give an ethereal and mystical touch to any design. You can never go wrong with our lightweight and versatile “Mylar Rain Curtains” – a shimmery and glittery backdrop for any production. Mylar Curtain drapes are an industry go-to for fast glam.

For the ultimate in Modular Drapes and flexible stage drape designs, try attaching up to 142 Silver Vinyl Triangles and Clear Plastic Drops to the individual ribbons on our tantalizing Silver and Black Chrome Illusion Ribbon drape. Beautiful in their natural states when lit with white lights, you can completely change your design’s ambiance by simply adding a splash of some colorful theatrical lighting to them. We have a wonderfully diverse selection of “stage jewelry” to impress the hippest of crowds! Enjoy the spectacular and inspirational photos of our Oh’ So Swanky drapery collection and contact us to reserve your Mylar Rain Curtains or Modular Drapes today.

IFR Mylar, Silver
IFR Mirror Disks, Silver
FR Velour, Gold
FR Crushed Satin, Silver
FR Illusion Ribbons, Pewter/Silver

A La Carte Elements:
Stage jewelry to dazzle the hippest crowd – choose just enough bijoux to bring out the beauty in your event. Modular Reflective Mirrors Austrian Drape Legs Bi-parting Drapes Sparkling Backdrops and Legs Shiny Mylar Ribbon Drapes

Why we love it:
Swanky is a girl’s best friend….and a stage designers dream. We think that modular pieces allowing you to swag, drag, and swing in time with the music is the way to go. We love glitter – don’t you?

Famous Friends:
Our Rat Pack razzle dazzle collection has bejeweled John Legend’s stage. Speaking or “get-up-and-go”, the GoGo’s found plenty of with our mylar stage backdrops.

Most Compatible With:
Accessorize to taste – but try seasoning with some Rockin Red or bling up some Delightably White Velours.

“Looks frickin’ awesome! The drape was perfect and is exactly why I use you guys.” Lots of love going around.

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Rent What Oh' So Swanky CollectionRent What Oh' So Swanky Collection