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If you are looking for a dramatic, stunning, and incredibly versatile drape for your next event, show, concert, stage production, or trade show, look no further than our rental Industrial Textures Collection. These metal mesh drapery elements present the edgier side of rental soft goods, and have been rented for everything from major concert tours and community church productions to television series to conferences looking for something with a little extra swagger. These metal mesh curtains are super lightweight, yet their durability makes them perfect for tours and stages both inside and outside.

Our one-of-a-kind Camo Legs (at various lengths) are also extremely modifiable–as you can hang them frontward or backward to give your stage frame an exceptional, textured look. Our Metallic Mesh backdrops, legs and borders are incredibly dynamic, too–by simply adding a splash of some colorful theatrical stage lighting you can completely change the mood and feel of the stage design from set to set, making them IDEAL stage pieces for venues featuring a wide-ranging group of artists. Layer these bad boys with specialty drapes from our other rental collections, and get ready to blow your audiences away!

Aluminum Metal Mesh
IFR Textura / Silver
IFR Textura / Pewter
FR Camo Net / Black

A La Carte Elements:
Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget.

Why we love it:
Curvaceous and cutting edge. This series focuses on mixed media pieces and textiles that will please artists and lighting designers alike.

Key People:
Disturbed, Nickelback and Casting Crowns.

Complement these stand-alone pieces with masking drapes from the traditional BLACKout series

Client recently raved “Me Likey Rentals”. We don’t think it gets much better than that. Do you?

Mixed Media meets textile mania. These kids have personality.

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Rent What Industrial Textures CollectionRent What Industrial Textures Collection