Rental Terms & FAQ’s

Rental Terms & FAQ’s

Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions

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Just the FAQs

I love the green storage bag my drape came in can I keep it?

Yes, you are very welcome to keep the bag with our compliments. We just ask that you be sure to return our drapes in a manner that keeps them free from dirt and damage.

How are your prices calculated?

We don’t have a “stock” rate since each rental price is determined based on fabric type, size, and sewing details. Please refer to our price sheets or call a sales associate for a prompt quote.

What is the Optional Damage Waiver?

Occasionally, @#$& happens. Rather than force you to eat the repair costs (which can eat into your budget), we offer a small Damage Waiver protection fee when you place your order. Then, if something bad happens to your drapes, we will make repairs at no extra charge within the limit specified on your order. Lost items are not covered, however. Please see full details in our terms & conditions document. Datasheet

What happens if a drape gets damaged?

Give us a call. We will repair or replace it to keep your production on schedule. If you have purchased the Optional Damage Waiver, your repairs will be covered within the limits described on your order. If not, a fee will be charged for the repairs.

What happens if I lose an item from my rental?

Again, contact us. If the item was stolen, a police report should be filed. If the item is lost, we will replace it at the cost cited on the order. Lost items are not covered by the Optional Damage Waiver.

The tour was cancelled and I need to return the drapes early. What is the process and what fees are involved?

You can return your drapes early, or before the end of the contract term. Please advise us of any change in your rental schedule as soon as possible so we can arrange a prompt return. After receipt and inspection of the drapes, applicable fees will apply for the period used (minimally 1 week) and you will be charged a restocking fee of 30% of the balance of the total contract rental order fees.

I need something custom and you don’t have it. What do you suggest?

Talk to us. We may be able to create and rent custom items depending on the term of rental and design. Or, you can talk to our custom sewing company, Sew What? about buying something spectacular.

Is delivery included in the cost of my rental?

Delivery is not included unless specifically noted on your order. We can arrange the most economical shipping method and add the cost to your order, or you may independently plan for the pick-up and return of your order to our facility.

Are the drapes I am renting flame retardant?

All of our drapes are certified as flame retardant by the manufacturer, and have been treated with flame retardant chemicals (FR) or were woven of flame retardant fibers (IFR). A flame certification will be sent with packing slip. See more on flame retardant fabrics and drapes.

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