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Curtain Lift Systems offer a great alternative for a touring show or short-term special event. A Lift System enables stage curtains to move vertically, allowing for a HUGE variety of draperies to be used for your own unique stage design. Once the lift mechanism activates, the elegant drape rides up and down smoothly and flawlessly, so that it can be used for its most dramatic impact on the audience. The motor in the curtain lift system can hide excess drape when opened, and won’t take up any additional fly space, either.

Are you interested in Austrian curtain rigging? Just imagine the beauty of a decadent Austrian or Venetian Backdrop as it slowly raises, its repeated gorgeous swags disappearing into the air to reveal the scene tucked neatly behind it on stage. Or picture it being gently lowered back down to display a luxurious backdrop, giving your stage design a truly opulent feel. Lavish your audience with the use of a Curtain Lift System and one of our breathtaking lift drapes today! Visit our drapery collections to see all the drapes we have that are compatible with a Curtain Lift Systems.

Why We Love It:
A motorized drape reveal with an exotic detailed drapery does not have to be a designer fantasy. Take your show or event to the next level……… whatever you plan to reveal – make it special!

Interested in a Lift System?
Reach out to these companies and tell them we sent you! We will interface with the lift system supplier to provide the drapery and softgoods that you need.

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