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Black Masking Drape Video

Black Masking Drape Video

Black Masking Drapes and Borders may not necessarily be the glitziest part of the stage design, but they’re needed on nearly every concert tour and production. Who wants the audience to see crew and equipment off-stage? Our Black Masking Curtain and Borders can be used to hide overhead truss (such as lighting truss), making it seem to disappear into the darkness. Larger black masking drapes and masking drape rental legs can be used to block the audience’s view of crew and equipment offstage, or to section off a larger convention center or event space into smaller areas.

Need a masking drape rental for your venue? Our flat black masking drapes can be used as seat masking to mask off sections of unused seats in a theater or arena. With a ton of different sizes of flat, durable, tour-friendly DFR Black Encore Velour Rental Masking Drapes and Borders ready to go at a moment’s notice in our masking drape rental inventory, we can take care of all your masking needs at once. This will leave you more time to focus on doing what you do best–designing the most spectacular stage design of the season from our Specialty Drapery Series!

Having a drapery rental source that actually understand the touring and special event marketplace is a must for any production.

Questions about masking drape sizes, Kabuki drapes or flame retardant drapery? Whether you need borders to mask a lighting truss, or drapes to mask off an arena, our expert sales staff is available to answer your questions, discuss your drapery rental needs and walk you through the ordering process.

-Sewn flat, vertically seamed, unlined
-Top: webbing with hidden sewn ties and 1″ female Velcro (allowing use as either a truss border or a skirt)
-Sides: durably hemmed
-Bottom: durable hem with chain weight in all tall masking drapes

-DFR Encore Velour is a newly introduced stage curtain fabric that combines the rich look of velour with inherent flame resistance. For durability and longevity of draperies, this fabric is by far the best product on the market.

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Rent What Black Masking Drapes and Borders
Rent What Black Masking Drapes and BordersRent What Black Masking Drapes and Borders