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Portable Pipe and Drape Systems

Pipe and drape systems are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of events. Exhibits and conventions make use of them for portable trade show displays. Churches and other small organizations often utilize pipe and drape to create hallways and barriers. They can also add that touch of flare around a live performance.

We can help your trade show exhibits and drapes make a powerful first impression.

By selecting appropriate drapery panels, you can create a pipe and drape partition system that will either blend tastefully with your existing decor or give your event a colorful and competitive edge. Best of all you can tailor our Pipe & Drape Booth and Party Package to meet your specific space and traffic flow needs.

Take a look too at some of the custom pipe and drape projects we’ve done. Our custom sewing department can make personalized drapery panels in a variety of fabrics. Our digital printing textile service allows you to add your own graphics and logos on your custom drape panels.

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Pipe and Drape System

  • Our Pipe and Drape System is very portable. It is easy to handle, quick to set up and take down without tools, and requires minimum storage space.
  • Both the Standard and Telescopic Uprights utilize a unique “slip fit” system which allows the upright to simply slip over a pin that is on the base. Constructed of anodized aluminum tubing, the telescopic model is adjustable for variable heights.
  • Base Plates are made of 3/16″ zinc plated steel. Various sizes and thicknesses are available depending on the application and weight of the drapery panel selected.
  • Telescopic Drape Supports slip easily and securely into the uprights and are available in various adjustable widths. Varying distance between the upright posts is never an issue with these versatile drapery panel supports.
  • Accessories, include carry bags, storage carts and matching table skirting.
  • Our standard Pipe & Drape panels are offered in a variety of drapery fabrics with prices that are affordable. Banjo Cloth panels are pre-fabricated in a variety of colors. 16oz Commando Cloth and 15oz Encore Velour are just two of the many fabrics offered as single width drapery panels.

We welcome any questions about your own Pipe and Drape needs – just email us or call us at the number below. Learn more about pipe and drape in the White Paper “Demystifying Exhibit Booths“.

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