LED Stardrops


These two LED Systems are the ultimate for scenic backdrop designs featuring starry nightscape scenes, or digitally printed backdrops where you want to create that special sparkle. In addition, there’s no limit to LED curtain size, since controllers and panels can be easily combined.

Manuals and Specifications

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ShowLED Classic System

ShowLED Classic stardrops with bluish/white LEDs turn an otherwise dull black backdrop into an amazingly realistic starlit night sky. This flexible technology is today’s top stardrop choice, offering a lightweight and flexible alternative to older systems which previously utilized breakable pea bulbs or bulky fiber optics.

The LEDs are placed in black 15oz or 22oz IFR Encore Velour forming constellations and star fields, divided over 8 DMX channels, allowing the lighting operator to control the effects of the grouped LEDs, including minimum and maximum intensity, chase speed, pattern type and pattern behavior. The controller can also be programmed manually, with the settings saved inside the controller, making the ShowLED Classic Stardrop a plug and play application that can operate with or without DMX control. Controllers can easily be linked together to control different curtains joined together, allowing the creation of a starry backdrop in virtually every size.

ShowLED Classic is now also available in the single colors red, blue, yellow, green and white. This way you can add color to your Classic starcloth just by manually swapping out the bluish/white LED with an LED of the desired color.

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Sew What? ShowLED Chameleon, custom draperies, theatrical backdrops, curtain draperies, drapery, backdrops

ShowLED Chameleon System

The ShowLED Chameleon system is the RGB (Red/Green/Blue) LED stardrop system, perfect for those who want the ability to quickly and easily display multiple colors without the need to swap out LEDs. ShowLED Chameleon offers the same features and easy programming options as ShowLED Classic, but also allows you to change colors quickly and easily utilizing the menu structure on the controller (or from a lighting desk). The flexible LED technology eliminates bulky fiber optics and provides bright and vibrant output. Color changes, twinkling effects, chases – all can be programmed at a glance.

ShowLED Chameleon provides 8 DMX output channels. More controllers can easily be linked in master-slave configurations so that several panels combine to become one big curtain.

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