Standard Top Finishes

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The following are some of the many standard finished available for draperies and backdrops. If you have any questions or would like assistance determining which finish is best for your application, please contact us.

“Standard top finishes” frequently used on stage drapes

Webbing with Grommets and Ties
This top finish is an industry standard. This allows for easy attachment to, and quick removal from your pipe or batten. The grommets are strong brass eyelets that are mechanically set through both the face fabric and the webbing reinforcement. In the case of a box pleated drape, the grommets will be set into the center of each box pleat for proper support. On a flat drape, backdrop, scrim or other similar item the grommets will typically be set every 12″ unless otherwise requested.

Webbing with S-Hooks is one of many variations seen when the top of the drapery has webbing and grommets. Typically used for drapes that are to be directly to traveller track carriers. Large “Elephant Ears” or “Caribeners” can also be inserted into the grommet to facilitate attachment.

When the top of the drape requires a clean, finished appearance the “invisible” or “hidden” methods of attachment shown below are used.

Hidden Flush Sewn Snaps
The sewn snap method hides the snap discretely behind each pleat on the back side of the drape, showing only the box pleating on the face of the drape. In the case of a flat drape or backdrop the snaps will be attached on 12″ centers. When requested, snaps can be set down from the top slightly, thereby lifting the top edge of the drape closer to the track.

Hidden Grommets and Ties
This method is the most durable of the hidden attachment methods. Ideal for drapes that will have heavy use or those with extended life expectations.
The drape top will have a webbing as with other hidden methods, but a double set of grommets is applied to the webbing before attachment to the drape. The grommets let the tie-line attachment take place without obscuring the front of the drape in any way. When a tie breaks or snaps another is simply re-threaded through the grommets.

Hidden Sewn Ties
Sewn Ties are yet another option for when the top of the drape requires a clean, finished appearance. These “invisible” or “hidden” methods of attachment not only give a clean look to the front for the drape, but they also “self-mask” the pipe or batten that is behind! The strong but flexible cotton ties are neatly sewn to the center of the supporting webbing. A black drape will have black webbing and black ties while a white or light colored drape will have white webbing and ties.

The following “economy” top finishes are only advised for temporary or exhibit system use.

Webbing Only
Used should you wish to staple or nail a border or teaser to a roof beam or batten. Not advisable for anything other than a low budget or temporary installation.

Pipe Pocket Top
A Pipe Pocket is simply an open hem – and seen most commonly in convention pipe and drape applications. A top finish that is mostly seen on flat drapes – it allows the user to push more or less fabric per linear foot – thereby adjusting the fullness.

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