Trak-Eze Series 220

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Trak-Eze is an ideal commercial duty curtain track for straight installations where it is important that the cord be completely concealed in the track. As Trak-Eze allows for mounting directly into a doorway header, one popular usage of Trak-Eze curtain track is to hang doorway drapes in traditional theatres, to mask light and sound between lobbies, entrance hallways, and auditorium areas.

Constructed from 16 gauge extruded aluminum, this manually-operated modified box-shaped track channel offers a choice of walk-along, cord-drawn, or motorized operation and can be recessed, surface-mounted, or suspended from the ceiling. When used in a doorway, we recommend selection of the walk-along option.

Cord-drawn and motorized models may be configured to a maximum of between 20 and 24 feet, depending on the model selected, while walk-along models can be configured to any length desired. The maximum curtain weight recommended for all models is 13 pounds per foot of track.

We recommend utilizing a light to medium weight fabric when choosing a custom drape for use with Trak-Eze curtain track. Depending on the style you prefer, you might choose a specialty sheer or satin or a traditional napped fabric such as 13oz Apollo Velour or 16oz Commando Cloth.

As all curtain track is constructed to the project, please allow a minimum of two weeks for construction plus up to one week transit time from the factory.

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