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Besteel is the most economical of the medium-duty curtain tracks. Constructed of 14 gauge galvanized steel, this box-shaped track is a popular choice for small to medium sized traditional theatres and school auditoriums. Besteel is available in the standard steel finish as well as in a black finish.

As Besteel track channel is box-shaped, it cannot be curved, either onsite or at the factory, and therefore cord-drawn and motorized models are available for a straight track configuration only. However, if a walk-along model is selected, prefabricated curved sections ranging from 45 degrees to 90 degrees are available and can be attached to a straight section of track to create a simple curve shape (such as a wide “U”).

Walk-along, cord-drawn and motorized are all available operations with Besteel. Models 170 and 172 may be configured to a maximum of 40 feet as cord-drawn or motorized, whereas Models 171R and 171N, which include upgraded nylon ball-bearing carriers, may be configured up to 48 feet. Walk-along models 173, 173N and 173R may be fabricated in any length. Besteel can be mounted directly to the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. Please note however that it must be mounted to or suspended from the ceiling joints rather than from a dropped ceiling.

Maximum curtain weight for the Besteel ranges from 10 pounds to 15 pounds per foot of track, depending on the specific model chosen.

We recommend utilizing a medium weight fabric when choosing a custom stage curtain for use with Besteel. Theatrical velour is a popular choice, with selections that include 15oz and 22oz Encore Velour and 21oz Marvel Velour. Another excellent fabric option is 25oz Memorable Velour, as long as care is taken to ensure that the size and fullness of the drape do not result in a curtain weight that exceeds the maximum curtain weight designated for the Besteel model selected.

As all curtain track is constructed to the project, please allow a minimum of two weeks for construction plus up to one week transit time from the factory. Additional construction time may apply for black finish.

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