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As a medium duty I-Beam style curtain track, Rig-I-Flex is the most popular bendable curtain track, used commonly for gym dividers, small to medium sized stages at high schools, and film and television studios, especially when a motorized curved track is desired. It is available in the standard aluminum finish as well as in a black finish.

Constructed from 11 gauge extruded aluminum, this versatile track is available as a walk-along, cord-operated, or motorized operation. Rig-I-Flex track channel can be factory curved or, with the purchase of bending tools, can be curved onsite.

While Rig-I-Flex does allow for a manually operated cord-drawn curved operation, this requires more effort than straight track. Therefore, we recommend choosing the motorized option for curved track, especially where sharp curves are involved. Even when curving on-site, a scaled drawing of the curved track configuration is requested at the time of quoting / ordering, to ensure that the proper number of spindles and idler brackets are included.

The maximum track length for cord-drawn / motorized Rig-I-Flex (Models 140, 140R, 141, and 141R) is 60 foot, but Rig-I-Flex can be selected at any length in a walk-along model (142 and 142R). Rig-I-Flex can be mounted directly to the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. Please note however that it must be mounted to or suspended from the ceiling joists rather than from a dropped ceiling.

We recommend utilizing a light to medium weight fabric when choosing a custom drape for use with Rig-I-Flex. Depending on the style you prefer, you might choose a specialty sheer or satin or a traditional napped fabric such as 13oz Apollo Velour or 16oz Commando Cloth. Flex-I-Trac is also a great option for a larger Cyclorama constructed of Extra Wide Muslin or Poly Muslin.

As all curtain track is constructed to the project, please allow a minimum of two weeks for construction plus up to one week transit time from the factory. Additional construction time may apply for black finish.

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