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Looking for an economical lightweight curtain track system for use in a non-theatrical application, such as a classroom, boardroom, multi-purpose room, cafeteria, nightclub, or restaurant? Specifine Series 113 curtain track may be just what you need.

Constructed from 16 gauge extruded aluminum, this manually-operated box-shaped track channel offers a choice of either walk-along or cord-pulled operation and can be recessed, surface-mounted, or suspended from the ceiling. In the case of a cord-pulled operation, the cord is completely concealed within the track channel, helping to eliminate unsightly sagging lines.

Specifine track is available as either one-way draw or bi-parting. Model 113A, as a walk-along track, has a maximum length of 40′, with a maximum curtain weight of 4 pounds per foot of track. Models 113 and 113B, which are the rope-operated models, each have a maximum length of 20′. The primary difference between these two models is that Model 113 supports a maximum curtain weight of 4 pounds per foot of track, while Model 113B will support a slightly heavier curtain, allowing a curtain weight of up to 8 pounds per foot of track.

We recommend utilizing a light to medium weight fabric when choosing a custom drape for use with Specifine track. Depending on the style you prefer, you might choose a specialty sheer or satin or a traditional napped fabric such as 13oz Apollo Velour or 16oz Commando Cloth.

Specifine is generally used for straight applications, but Model 113A can also be used in a curved application through the use of available curved sections ranging for 45 degrees to 90 degrees or through custom factory curving.

Specifine track is not available with a motorized option. We recommend Moto-Trac Series 160 for a motorized straight track comparable to Specifine.

As all curtain track is constructed to the project, when ordering please allow a minimum of two weeks for construction plus up to one week transit time from the factory.

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