Scenic Stage Backdrops – Hand-Painted

Scenic stage backdrops are a specialty of ours.
We can manufacture custom size muslin drops for you to paint, or arrange the theatrical scenery treatment for you.

A typical scenic backdrop can best be described as an oversized painting on an expanse of cloth. We most typically use muslin or canvas and most artists prefer to paint to a “neutral” or “natural” colored unbleached surface. Wide milled goods can be obtained in seamless widths of up to 35 feet – however when cost is a factor, lengths of narrower, standard-width cloth can be stitched together. This method can also be used to fabricate the appropriate dimensions needed when the backdrop required is very large.

As well as offering “ready to paint” blank backdrops, we also offer a turn key service for those looking to have their design scenically reproduced. Various painting methods are employed, and various paint types utilized. Effects with UV paint can be added.

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Artist: Little Big Town

Fabric: Scenically Painted on Cotton Muslin

Description: This Americana backdrop was initially detailed and designed by John Rios. The design gave the effect of stitching and appliqué. Once designed the piece was scenically painted by hand to reproduce to give the appearance of a real appliqué dimensional flag. Shadows threads and even an aging process were applied to give it a really vintage Americana look. Of particular note is the invisible ultraviolet image that displayed the band name under UV lighting. Click the image to the left to see larger image for UV effect in situ on stage.

Photo by: Bobby Simmons

Scenically painted photographic backdrops appeared very shortly after the invention of photography in the 1830s. Various scenes were hand painted onto canvas cloth, a process which revolutionized the photography process, creating the illusion of another reality.

While the history of the photographers hand painted backdrops begins shortly after the invention of photography in the 1830s, there are references to other such hand painted murals thousands of years earlier. The Egyptians painted scenes on walls within their pyramids, the Aborigines sketched dreams and experiences throughout caves within the Australian landscape to name just two.

European entertainers in opera and ballet embraced the concept of painted scenes early on and the theatrical backdrop was birthed. These scenes painted onto a canvas backdrop created the illusion of another reality, setting the stage for artists and attendees alike.

Whether it’s a scenic stage backdrop for your theater, concert or custom exhibit booth display, Sew What? Inc. offers all clients the same professional products, excellent customer service and fast turnaround to meet your deadlines.

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