Cut Drop/Theater Backdrops

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A cut drop is often backed with bobbinet or sharkstooth scrim fabric for strength. When the net is dyed to match the background it becomes nearly invisible.

A netted cut drop will most often be used in conjunction with cut legs and a cut border, creating a beautiful silhouette that frames the plain backdrop that is hung upstage.

Certain shapes and designs lend themselves to cut drops better than others – soft lines, curves and arcs are more suited as they "forgive" where the supporting scrim lacks strength. Avoid designing with horizontal lines of any great length as they tend to relax and look poorly.

It is generally recommended that the design be painted or digitally printed first, and the cutouts and scrim support be applied after. This is because it is more difficult for the scenic artists to work within the shaped area provided and also risks damage to or application of paint to the supporting scrim areas.

See Lady Gaga performing in front of a unique digitally printed, custom stage “cut-backdrop”.

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