Description: To achieve one of the most impressive reveals seen on the road this year – we participated in the automation of a digitally printed wide format backdrop by way of attachment to a custom SGPS ShowRig Motorized Lift System. With 120 linear feet of printed media – the center section of over 80 feet of backdrop was flawlessly and gracefully raised when 13 lift lines were operated. When fully raised the drape stacked neatly up in front of the truss above while the artist performed – ready to drop again at the end of the show. For this particular project where the client wanted “luminescence” when backlit we selected a 16 foot wide substrate with a direct print – PES Banner 420. This substrate provided good color saturation and gives the image a projected appearance in a backlit scenario.
Featured Product: Direct Print to PES Banner 240 equivalent
Location: 00.00 – 00.46 / Digitally printed wide format backdrop is raised by motorized system
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