Description: This is such a great clip showing the White Poly Silk Kabuki Drop that we produced for the Alice In Chains Tour. This show was yet another terrific example of both the sales and rental teams combining forces to provide a full service system. The kabuki solenoid package provided by Rent What? Inc included 52 solenoid heads, looming and control to fire the variety of drops at different times to “deconstruct” the set per designer Mike Baldassari’s show storyboard.

The kabuki drape can do a variety of moves depending on how the drape is constructed and how many solenoids are budgeted. A basic single kabuki will either drop the drape from a hidden bag into a hanging backdrop position – or can drop a backdrop to the floor as in this example.

A double kabuki will play both moves – with twice the number of solenoid heads and double the control, a hidden drape will first be revealed, and then later per design it will be dropped to the floor in a flutter.

Featured Product: White Poly Silk
Location: White poly silk acts as a rear projection surface to give dramatic opening effect.

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