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Sew What? Inc’s custom drapery design and experience stretches across the entertainment and performance industry, to special events and trade show exhibition. We’ve designed custom stage curtains, theatrical drapes and theatrical backdrops for elementary, middle and high schools, community theaters and auditoriums, college and professional theaters. We are well known for our touring draperies for rock concerts and fashion shows, as well as wall and ceiling fabric treatments for conference and exhibit hall booths.

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St. John’s School

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Project: St. John’s School
Fabric: Silver Crushed Satin

For St. John’s School, we used a combination of rental and purchased goods to help them create a one-of-a-kind stage design for their musical. They wanted to recreate one of the scenes from Curtains, The Musical, so we suggested on our Silver Crushed Satin Legs from our Silver Satin Collection of specialty rental drapes. Along with those drapes, the client wanted to dress up the stage with smaller pieces of the same fabric, and so they decided to purchase unsewn yardage of the exact same Silver Crushed Satin fabric to add extra embellishments to certain parts of the stage. Since the fabric reflects light so beautifully, the set designers were able to give the stage various looks by changing lighting schemes and intensities throughout the show. The change of lighting on the drapes helped give the show an exciting and dramatic feel.

Rock Ridge High School Performing Arts

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Project: Rock Ridge High School Performing Arts
Fabric: Black 15oz Encore Velour

We loved working with Rock Ridge High School for their production of Mary Poppins. For this show, they wanted an eye-catching drape that would help them create the appearance of a night sky, so they decided on one of our Stardrop LED Rental Drapes. These drapes consist of Blue-White LED lights on a rich backdrop of Black Encore Velour. Our Stardrop LED drape is quick to install and extremely easy to operate, making it the perfect backdrop for this production. The school was able to easily control the intensity and speed of the flickering “stars” or have the lights stay completely on or off. The Stardrop gave the production a dramatic “starry sky” effect, along with the rich black velour material also offering a “void” for scenes that needed to stay dark.

Rosemont Theater

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Project: Rosemont Theater
Fabric: Silver Satin

For the Rosemont Theater project, the client wanted drapes that would help frame the proscenium, without covering the projection screen that they planned to hang across the middle of the stage. We recommended our 40’h x 10’w Silver Satin Shirred Drapery Legs from our Silver Satin Rental Drapery Collection to hang behind the screen. Our Silver Tassel Tiebacks were used to evenly pull the drapes to the sides, giving them a “tableau curtain” effect. Since Silver Satin reflects light beautifully, the lighting designer decided to project colorful theatrical lighting onto the drapes during different parts of the event.

The Avett Brothers

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Project: The Avett Brothers
Fabric: White Voile and White Poly Silk

White Voile Specialty Rental Drapes were used in a very notable and effective way by indie folk-pop group The Avett Brothers. Using White Voile Legs and Swags to help create a truly rockin’ look from our Delightably White rental drape collection, these drapes were layered and lit up to be as ultra-cool as the band playing in front of them. The News Observer showcased the band beautifully, and ultimately showcased our specialty rental drapes too. Using these white voile drapes along with a dramatic Kabuki Solenoid Drape reveal for their New Year’s Eve show, The Avett Brothers were able to create the extraordinary look they were going for.

Photographs By:
Scott Sharpe, News Observer
Leon Goodwin
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Project: Wilco
Fabric: FR Spider Stretch, Aluminum Mesh

White FR Spider Stretch, a fabric traditionally used for lighting and shadow effects, was sewn into a family of half and whole swags in varying heights, widths, and fullnesses, along with two sets of legs, to create an off-kilter balance of drapery that can be lit with varying colors and even projected on, to create a gauzy romantic feel. Upstage, a metal mesh drape provides another layer of texture and contrast to the stage design.

Photographs By: Jeremy Roth

Stage Center LA production of Aida

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Project: Stage Center LA production of Aida
Fabric: IFR 15oz Encore Velour

Recently, Rent What? Inc. had the honor of working with Stage Center LA (which stands for Louisiana), who performed Elton John and Tim Rice’s timeless broadway musical “Aida“. In order to make a beautiful backdrop of stars for several important scenes in the production, they used one of Rent What’s 30′ x 15′ Stardrop LED drapes. These incredibly versatile and inherently flame retardant rental drapes can be “rotated” to have either side be the width or the height with grommets and ties on both sides. This offered our clients a lot of flexibility with how they could be hung, and allowed them to help create the exact look they were going for. Show photographer Michael Boyd captured everything perfectly, showing just how beautiful the drape worked in their production.

Seasonal Backdrop

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Project: Seasonal Backdrop
Fabric: Direct Print to Heavy Knit

Great example that shows how dramatic a digitally printed backdrop can be. The season theme played out perfectly with the lighting and props.

Learn more about our digital printing process and how simple it is to order your own custom backdrop.

Celtic Woman

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Project: Celtic Woman
Fabric: Voile / White; Poly Silk / White

While Celtic Woman is a touring production, it showcases a group of 5 very talented singers in a theatre style presentation. The design was specific and unique, calling for absolute accuracy in developing swagged legs and drapes to perfectly mimic designer renderings. As the show was designed in England we needed to offer comparable American textiles that would look and light like the UK fabrics being called out. This classic design with a contemporary twist showcased our custom sewing abilities beautifully.