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Indiana Conference for Women

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Project: Indiana Conference for Women
Fabric: Silver Textura and Pewter Textura

For the Indiana Conference for Women, we used a mixture of drapes from our Silver Satin Rental Drapery Collection. This stage included a row of complementary 30’h Silver Satin, Silver Textura, and Pewter Textura drapery legs with 16’h-22’h Crushed Silver Satin Swags. These drapes covered the entire wall of the ballroom, giving the event a clean, timeless appearance. These curtains light up beautifully, reflecting the colorful light splashed onto them. By using this mix of our rental drapes, they were able to have their own unique vision become a stunning reality.

ELCA Youth Gathering 2018

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Project: ELCA Youth Gathering 2018
Fabric: White 15oz Encore Velour

For the ELCA Youth Gathering, we constructed custom curtains for the main stage design. They wanted a fabric that would showcase the team’s dynamic front-projected images and videos and be easy to install. We built this using IFR 15 oz. Encore Velour in White, for the projection surface, and in Black, for the negative space in the profile cuts along the top. They were able to use their spectacular lighting effects to project onto the white panels. These drapes became the perfect backdrop for the ELCA to showcase their motivating and energizing concept throughout the performances.

David Foster “The Hitman Tour”

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Project: David Foster “The Hitman Tour”
Fabric: White-Silver Domino 

The stage design for David Foster included tall, silky, shimmery strips of fabric in panels made from a glittery White-Silver Domino fabric. The designers were looking for custom theatrical stage drapes that would be versatile enough to work in concert halls of all sizes. We created 30’h panels that were shirred at 100% fullness, so they were ready to hang from show to show. The ties at the top of the curtains allowed them to be hung as narrow or wide as the designers desired. These panels allowed the tour and lighting designers to not only fill the stage, but to also utilize the “negative space” between each drape to add depth and dimension. The colorful lighting played off these textured drapes, giving each segment of the show a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Auditorium divider wall drape

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Project: Auditorium divider wall drape
Fabrics: IFR, Bermuda colored Charisma Velour at 50% fullness

There are times when our clients need something special, like a giant fabric wall that can divide a gymnasium into two separate rooms. Such a wall needs to be tall with 100% light canceling qualities, and it needs to be safe for public use (insurance & fire codes). Our solution involved individual panels constructed from bermuda colored Charisma Velour at 50% fullness. The fabrics are IFR rated to comply with local fire codes. The drapery wall is mounted using a Uni-strut rod that suspends a 170 series Besteel track. The custom installation was completed by a Sew What? Inc. authorized contractor (Brady Construction) to insure compliance with local codes.

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2012 CalArts Halloween Event

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Project: 2012 CalArts Halloween Event
Fabrics: 15oz Encore with Classic LED lights

For a Halloween event at the prestigious Southern California art college CalArts (California Institute of the Arts), the task at hand was to find a way to transform the school’s main gallery into a dramatic event space. The addition of two gorgeous Classic LED Backdrops did the trick, providing a perfect backdrop to the innovative colored light show on display.

Adding bluish/white LEDs to DFR Black 15oz Encore turns an otherwise dull black backdrop into an amazingly realistic starlit night sky. With the LEDs placed in the drape in the formation of constellations and star fields, the operator has the option of controlling the light intensity, chase speed, and much more via connection to a lighting board. For a more plug and play operation, the stand-alone controller can be programmed manually without the need to connect to a lighting board.

Want a similar LED Backdrop, but with colored lights? A Chameleon LED Backdrop is the way to go. Using RGB (red/green/blue) LED lights, the operator has the ability to not only control the light intensity, chase speed, and more, but also to change light colors quickly and easily.

Deadmau5 DJ Cube

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Project: Deadmau5 DJ Cube
Fabrics: FR White Cambio, Stretch fabric

This illuminated project was a collaborative effort for a post Grammy’s party. Sew What? was selected for this Deadmaus5 DJ booth project due to the unusual challenges it presented. The cube itself was made of 75 hard LED panels affixed to a frame with wheels and a deck behind it for the DJ. Over 400 sq. ft of FR White Cambio Stretch fabric was custom sewn to cover the booth’s unique shapes. Because there was no real back to the cube, the crew opted to use velcro strips to secure the fabric in place.

Gateway Church

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Project: Gateway Church
Fabrics: Satin, Silver

Kyle Russelburg was looking for a dramatic curtain that was going to give the Gateway Church a lot of light-ability and a variety of looks. At Sew What? Inc we specialize in custom Austrian curtains at affordable prices. Kyle responded with a terrific testimonial: “Everyone loved the drape. Thank you so much for everything you guys did making it such an easy purchase. You guys are my number 1 choice from now on. Thanks, Kyle”

Photo By: Kyle Russelburg, Technical Arts Department | Gateway Church

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Guys Choice Awards

Project: Guys Choice Awards
Fabrics: Direct print onto Broadway Cloth

This was a gorgeously themed event by veteran designer Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Design. Rodgers converted an enormous space into a men’s parlor by way of digitally printed “wood grain graphics” and then embellishing with space with full size hunting busts, the event space felt old worldly and den-ish. An amazing feat when you consider the square footage of the space!
Sew What? Inc provided over 6500 square feet of digital printing services, producing wall and ceiling graphics as per the designer’s requirements. We used direct printing methods onto Broadway cloth, achieving rich and dark browns and burnt umber reds. All graphics were color matched and then sewn to size for a fast and orderly installation.

Photo By: Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Design

Bridal Table by Details Ottawa

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