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Flickr Photos Portfolio

Flickr portfolio at flickr.com
Live flickr feed featuring the latest photos from Sew What? and Rent What?.

Lady Gaga | Theatrical Backdrops

Rock and Roll Portfolio

America – the home of legendary rock bands and so many of today’s pop stars. Madonna, Britney Spears, Don Henley, Sting; we have draped and masked stages for the best of them. While we tend to remember a concert in terms of the "set" and the "lighting and effects", the draperies play an often invisible but integral role in how the show comes together. Giant painted stage backdrops set the scene, masking hides tech areas from the crowd, borders dress the floating trusses to hide the lighting instruments, and skirting surrounds the stage and band risers. Soft goods, as they are known to the "roadies", are a major part of any touring set.

Soulja Boy | Theatrical Backdrops

Digital Printing Portfolio

If you can visualize it, we can print it. As big or as wide as you want it. Check out our showpage of really impressive digitally printed backdrops and drapes for really impressive showbiz personalities such as Lady Gaga, Kenny Chesney and Brooks & Dunn. And see what can be done to blow away the crowds at major public events and trade shows. We can even combine digital printing with a whole host of special effects that will leave jaws on the floor. Take a look! Rendering vs. finished project – how close will they be? Click here.

Triple Horse | Theatrical Backdrops

Theatre Portfolio

Grand drape, tab curtain, austrian, theatrical backdrops, tabs, legs and borders…. These are all words that we associate with the stage and the wonderful world of theatre. Sew What? Inc specializes in theatrical drapery manufacturing, so your needs can all be filled with just one telephone call. Not only for professional theatres – don’t forget that schools, churches, universities and even cruise ships have stages!

Natural Point | Theatrical Backdrops

Special Event Portfolio

Grammy Awards, SAG Awards, Golden Globe Awards; you name them and we have draped them! Tents in tennis courts and 5 course dinners in stadiums – the special events industry is all about transformation. Watch while designers, such as Keith Greco transform the ordinary special event into the extraordinary. Custom trade show displays rely on the many effects that drapery can provide. Our in-stock inventory of pipe and drape has been an instant solution for many special event planners with a sudden on-site masking issue. Designers and special event planners alike can benefit from our services and fast turnarounds.

RentWhat? Rental Portfolio

RentWhat? Rental Portfolio

Our rental drapery team has performed for many of the biggest names in entertainment, so we know the realities of dressing up a major venue and dancing around all the surprises that can pop up at the last second. It’s not just about having the right products, but having the experience and service our customers will remember when it comes to booking each new tour.

Janet Jackson | Theatrical Backdrops

Video Portfolio

Here are all the big stars for your video-viewing pleasure: kabuki drapes, digitally printed drops, Austrian drapes, LED embedded skirting, and so much more. Sew What? rocks the stage! Oh, yes, we’ve got those other stars too: James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson, Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow and a bunch of other huge names making us look good and vice versa. And of course, you can see our own founder Megan Duckett explaining what makes Sew What? the answer!

If you’re a production designer, you’re about to get a bunch of truly outstanding ideas. So click, play, and be very impressed.

Sew What? Inc. experience stretches across the entertainment and performance industry, to special events and trade show exhibition. Over the years we’ve manufactured stage curtains and theatrical drapery for elementary, middle and high schools, community theaters and auditoriums, college and professional theaters, for rock concerts and fashion shows, as well as conference and exhibit hall booths. No custom drapery job is too big – or too small.