Available in WHITE and BLACK only.

Weight/Linear Yard:
Medium Weight
Polyester / Spandex
Full Roll

Cambio! is our stretch textile of choice for creating seamless tension fabric elements and tension fabric shapes.

We have a large inventory of patterns and shapes available for immediate order including stars, triangles and kites. All tension fabric shapes are sewn with sewn “stretch” hems. Corners are reinforced for multiple use and have a silver grommet for easy attachment or hanging. Optional Mini-Bungees are available.

Cambio! exhibits good memory/elasticity and exhibits 4-way stretch. This fabric has a discreet shine to it which lights beautifully making White Cambio! ideal for both front and rear projection.

Visit our Special Event Portfolio to see our Cambio backdrops!


E-Swatches are intended as a reference/guide only.

Please call and request a sample to view actual texture and color before ordering.

All fabrics are subject to dye lot variations.

How do we keep our Theatrical Fabric prices so low?
There is one thing about us that you should know; We operate a “work-room” not a show room.
Instead of offering fancy sample cards and expensive four-color brochures we ask that you request only those colors in the color palette that you are interested in and we will gladly send them to you!