White Voile

Weight/Linear Yard:
Medium Weight Sheer
100% Polyester
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Full Roll

118″ wide Voile is made from light weight polyester. Available in a variety of standard colors. Voile exhibits an interesting transparency which is favored by architectural designers as well as event planners.

Clear Event Tent with colored Voile DressingSpecial Event Planners…..
Voile is an excellent and economical fabric for tent liners that can be used right off the roll!

For an attractive finish when using Voile for draperies, a minimum of 100 percent fullness is recommended. Consider using Voile without fullness for soft diffusion of light.

Visit our Rock and Roll Portfolio, Theatre Portfolio, Special Event Portfolio, and Rent What? Rental Portfolio to see our Voile backdrops! Voile layers beautifully with one another and with lights – check out this video showcasing our Voile layered with LED lighting!

Available Colors
Winter WhiteWinter WhiteWhiteWhiteMarbleMarble
CreamCreamNavy BlueNavy BlueSmokeSmoke
Fire RedFire RedEmeraldEmeraldPurplePurple
TangerineTangerineFrench BlueFrench BlueBlackBlack


E-Swatches are intended as a reference/guide only.

Please call and request a sample to view actual texture and color before ordering.

All fabrics are subject to dye lot variations.

How do we keep our Theatrical Fabric prices so low?
There is one thing about us that you should know; We operate a “work-room” not a show room.
Instead of offering fancy sample cards and expensive four-color brochures we ask that you request only those colors in the color palette that you are interested in and we will gladly send them to you!