Sheers, Satins & Silks

Crystal Embossed CBFR Gorgeous sheer with crushed luminescent effect. Great for special event uses, particularly table overlays.
Poly Silk Wide DFR Use this light weight extra wide poly silk for back drops and kabuki drapes.
Satin, Gloss & Crushed IFR Consider using Satin, Gloss & Crushed for table linens, chair covers, event draping, and tent lining. Machine washable and durable this is the perfect event fabric.
Illusion FR Illusion is a medium weight polyester with a two-toned finish that gives dimension and vibrancy to the fabric. This wrinkle resistant fabric is perfect for special events and specialty stage draperies. This fabric looks fantastic both lit and unlit making it a go-to touring industry and special events fabric.
Textura IFR Used in any type of application from a rock and roll stage, to special events, to trade show and exhibit booths across the board.
Voile IFR Voile sheers available in extra-wide 118″ width. Seen used throughout the entertainment industry for drapes, set dressing, residential window treatments and tent liners.
*IFR: Inherently Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*FR: Flame Retardant by a topical treatment process
*DFR: Durably Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*NFR: Not Flame Retardant and unable to be made flame retardant
*CBFR: Can Be Flame Retardant, by way of topical treatment at an additional cost per yard
Want to learn more about FR vs NFR? Read our Flame Retardancy FAQ’s