Leno (Filled Scrim)

Lt. Grey Leno

Weight/Linear Yard:
Various, See Below
Full Bale

Leno (Filled Scrim) is used most frequently for backdrops and cycs. Its soft textured weave diffuses and balances light beautifully, offering an ideal surface for lighting and special effects.

Leno’s extra wide width enables seamless drops of up to 37’6"h. While it may seem an obvious choice for a front projection surface, the textured face of the fabric unfortunately will reduce the clarity of high resolution images.

For more information on projection surfaces, contact us.

Available Colors
Leno (Filled Scrim), White
19′ FR Leno, 100% Cotton, White 31′ FR Leno, 100% Cotton, White 38’6" FR Leno, 100% Cotton, White
Leno (Filled Scrim), Lt. Grey
19′ FR Leno, 100% Cotton, Lt. Grey 31′ FR Leno, 100% Cotton, Lt. Grey 38’6" FR Leno, 100% Cotton, Lt. Grey


E-Swatches are intended as a reference/guide only.

Please call and request a sample to view actual texture and color before ordering.

All fabrics are subject to dye lot variations.

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