Scrim & Leno

Sew What? Recommendations:
Scrim, SharkstoothNFR / FR / IFRMost frequently used for a "bleed through" effect on stage by adjusting the front and rear lighting accordingly.
Scrim, Leno FilledFR / IFRUsed for theatre cycloramas. Wide width allows for seamless drops of up to 38′ high.
BobinetteFRA variety of open and loose weaves offer different light transmission for lighting designers. Also commonly used in conjunction with projection screens to reduce glare and increase contrast.
*IFR: Inherently Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*FR: Flame Retardant by a topical treatment process
*DFR: Durably Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*NFR: Not Flame Retardant and unable to be made flame retardant
*CBFR: Can Be Flame Retardant, by way of topical treatment at an additional cost per yard
Want to learn more about FR vs NFR? Read our Flame Retardancy FAQ’s