Scrim & Leno

Sew What? Recommendations:
Scrim, Sharkstooth NFR / FR / IFR Most frequently used for a "bleed through" effect on stage by adjusting the front and rear lighting accordingly.
Scrim, Leno Filled FR / IFR Used for theatre cycloramas. Wide width allows for seamless drops of up to 38′ high.
Bobinette FR A variety of open and loose weaves offer different light transmission for lighting designers. Also commonly used in conjunction with projection screens to reduce glare and increase contrast.
*IFR: Inherently Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*FR: Flame Retardant by a topical treatment process
*DFR: Durably Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*NFR: Not Flame Retardant and unable to be made flame retardant
*CBFR: Can Be Flame Retardant, by way of topical treatment at an additional cost per yard
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