Vinyl Mesh Pro 25

Vinyl Mesh Pro 25
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This is a direct print substrate.
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Vinyl Coated Polyester

Vinyl Mesh Pro is a standard print substrate that is available in two different mesh varieties. Offering a tighter 25% blow thru mesh, this product is great for touring festival shows and those doing outdoor events.

Vinyl Mesh Pro 25 is our “go to” recommendation for those wanting a durable outdoor material with some wind transmission. A perfect option for when your printing application needs to be weather resistant, be light weight, offer some wind “transmission” (aka blow-through) and you are looking for a polyester coated material that will offer excellent color accuracy. A wonderful lightweight, flexible, and durable print substrate, our vinyl coated mesh is a perfect material for those tours and projects demanding the highest quality in durability, crisp image detail, and brilliant color. Mesh material is printable on a single side only.

Pros: We love this product as it can be vinyl (aka hot-wedge) welded. You will get great color output from the heavily coated vinyl mesh surface. It is also tested and approved as Flame Retardant, so you aren’t limited to only using it outdoors. Check out our printing portfolio to see our Vinyl Mesh in use.

Cons: Vinyl mesh is stiffer and heavier than most fabric / yarn based digital substrates, and so may not be the best choice for backdrops that will primarily be used indoors. The primary need should be to allow air or sound to travel thru or for a versatile material for use both outdoors and indoors – if you don’t have one of these needs, then look to use an alternate digital printing fabric.