Substrate - Poly Silk

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This is a dye-sublimation substrate.
100% Polyester

Poly Silk – Many clients love to use our 120” poly silk for light weight and translucent kabuki drops. When seamed up with minimal hems the wide goods give a fluttering effect when dropped. This textile is also used in the film and video industries as full artificial silk. When dye-sublimated the colors are bold and vibrant.

Pros: Light weight and translucent this is perfect for backlighting, dropping from solenoids as a kabuki drape or using as a back lit window dressing. We love the way this textile takes color, offering bold and bright saturation.

Cons: It is a delicate fabric and has a tendency to wrinkle if not folded or stored neatly. If you need a generic backdrop choose something more durable such as Artist Light.

See our Poly Silk backdrops in our Rock and Roll Portfolio, Digital Printing Portfolio, Theatre Portfolio and Rent What? Rental Portfolio. Poly Silk is often used for kabuki drops and sniffers – check out this video of our kabuki effect using Poly Silk!