Substrate - Heavy Knit

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This is a direct print substrate.
100% Polyester

Heavy Knit – A premium substrate for durable and heavy weight backdrops. Offering excellent wrinkle resistance this substrate is a perfect match for tours or permanent installations.

Pros: As this fabric is a knit this fabric is very wrinkle resistant, consequently it is great for touring backdrops where long periods of folded storage and daily use a a requirement.

Cons: We don’t think that this substrate takes color as vibrantly as some other substrates in a direct print scenario. If color matching, vibrant color saturation or very dark black are key priorities this is probably not the best choice. A substrate offering better color saturation would be Artist Light.

Visit our Rock and Roll Portfolio and Digital Printing Portfolio to see our Heavy Knit fabric in action! We recently used Heavy Knit for Vance Joy’s backdrop – watch our video of the dynamic drape here!