Front Lit Matte Vinyl

Substrate - Vinyl

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This is a direct print substrate.
Max Width:
 Vinyl Coated Polyester

Front Lit Matte Vinyl is typically used for your everyday garden variety outdoor banner. The vinyl we choose to use is flame retardant and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Pros: Durable for both indoor and outdoor use. (Remember – the printed image in all direct print products has a shelf life – images will fade and show wear based on exposure to the sun and rain.)

Cons: Don’t choose this substrate as a touring backdrop – when folded it creases, so unless you will use it outdoors where the warmth of the sun will pull out the creases, you may be stuck looking at them for some time. Despite the product’s name, the printed surface of front lit matte vinyl is fairly glossy. Without expert professional lighting, it will show “hot spots” when used in a backdrop scenario. Film and video folks tend to stay clear of this product due to the high levels of reflection.