Crystal Poplin

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This is a direct print substrate.
100% Polyester

Crystal Poplin – A premium substrate for durable and medium weight backdrops. Exhibiting excellent translucency this substrate is a perfect match for tours or permanent installations. It exhibits great color saturation when printed therefore making it an extremely versatile piece of stage scenery.

Pros: This is a great all round tour friendly / hamper durable substrate. Not only does it take front lighting well this fabric takes backlighting effects in its stride. It has a wonderful translucency and really glows when appropriately back lit. We love the way this textile delivers jet black and super saturated dark colors. Bright and primary colors pop really well.

Cons: Crystal Poplin is translucent – and therefore not ideal where an opaque material is needed. If you don’t want any back-light bleed then Crystal Poplin is not the best choice. For an opaque piece of scenery, you will need to add a lining to your backdrop.

Visit our Digital Printing Portfolio to see our Crystal Poplin backdrops for Green Day and the Outlaw Music Festival! Even Def Leppard toured with our custom-made crystal poplin backdrop – watch the video here!