Ranger Lining Cloth

Beige Ranger Lining Cloth

Weight/Linear Yard:
Medium Weight
100% Cotton
FR, Topically Treated
Full Roll

Ranger Lining Cloth is a medium weight economy cloth that is recommended for use when lining velour draperies. Main stage draperies will typically be lined for one or both of the following reasons:
*to increase the opacity of the drapery to help block "on-stage" light being seen by the audience during setup and intervals.
*to add a protective layer to the back side of the drapes that can often come dangerously close to sharp set elements and props.

Because of it’s 100% cotton properties Ranger Lining Cloth should not be used to line synthetic fabrics as the rate of shrinkage will differ between the two. For lining synthetic fabrics such as Encore Velour or Crushed Velvet a Poly Chintz or Avora lining is recommended.

Available Colors
Beige Custom Theatrical Drapery, Stage Curtain Tracks, Theatrical Drapery Supplies Black


E-Swatches are intended as a reference/guide only.

Please call and request a sample to view actual texture and color before ordering.

All fabrics are subject to dye lot variations.

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