Masking, Blackout & Lining

Sew What? Recommended Uses:
Commando Cloth – 16oz FR Industry standard for medium weight masking. 100% cotton, brushed one side. Offers reasonable opacity and durability.
Duvetyne – 8oz & 12oz FR Light weight masking fabric, generally used for temporary or short term masking.
Encore Velour -22oz IFR Excellent, state of the art 100% polyester velour; use when opacity without a lining is needed. Ideal for use in high humidity environments. (Note: 15oz Encore is not opaque)
Ranger Lining Cloth FR Common cotton lining fabric. Combine with a cotton velour for increased opacity.
Roadura FR Road-ready and durable – this water resistant self lining fabric provides complete opacity with an easy wipe finish. Perfec