Alphabetical Fabric Listing

Apollo Velour – 13ozIFRVelours and Velvets / Maskng, Blackout and Lining
Banjo/Expo ClothIFREvent and Display Fabrics
BengalineFREvent and Display Fabrics
BlackoutFRPrintable Fabrics
Blackout Lining
(White Passfoam)
FRMaskng, Blackout and Lining
Cambio!FRStretch Fabrics
CanvasFR / NFRScenic Fabrics
Commando ClothFRDuvetyne / Maskng, Blackout and Lining
Crushed Velvet – 13ozFRVelours and Velvets
Crystal EmbossedCBFRSheers, Satins & Silks / Event and Display Fabrics
Crystal PoplinFRPrintable Fabrics
Cyc Cloth, PolyesterFRScenic Fabrics
DuvetyneFRDuvetyne / Maskng, Blackout and Lining
Encore Velour – 15ozDFRVelours and Velvets
Encore Velour – 22ozIFRVelours and Velvets / Maskng, Blackout and Lining
Expo/Banjo ClothIFREvent and Display Fabrics
Front Lit Matte VinylFRPrintable Fabrics
Heavy Cotton CanvasFRPrintable Fabrics
Heavy KnitFRPrintable Fabrics
IllusionFRSheers, Satins & Silks
Leno (Filled Scrim)FR / IFRScrim
Marvel Velour – 21ozFRVelours and Velvets
Memorable Velour – 25ozFRVelours and Velvets
Muslin, CottonFR / NFRScenic Fabrics
Muslin, PolyesterIFRScenic Fabrics
OutduraNFROutdoor Fabrics
(White Blackout Lining)
FRMaskng, Blackout and Lining
Poly MuslinIFRScenic Fabrics / Event and Display Fabrics
Poly SilkFRPrintable Fabrics
Poly Silk WideDFRSheers, Satins & Silks
Princess Velour – 16ozFRVelours and Velvets
Ranger Lining ClothFRMaskng, Blackout and Lining
RB ClothDFREvent and Display Fabrics
RoaduraFROutdoor Fabrics / Maskng, Blackout and Lining
Satin Gloss & CrushedIFRSheers, Satins & Silks
Scrim, SharkstoothNFR / FR / IFRScrim
Scrim, Leno FilledFR / IFRScrim
Sharkstooth ScrimNFR / FR / IFRScrim / Printable Fabrics
SunbrellaFR/NFROutdoor Fabrics
TendoIFRStretch Fabrics
TEXTILENE® Brand Synthetic FabricFR/NFROutdoor Fabrics
Velour – Apollo – 13ozIFRVelours and Velvets / Maskng, Blackout and Lining
Velour – Encore– 15ozDFRVelours and Velvets
Velour – Encore – 22ozIFRVelours and Velvets / Maskng, Blackout and Lining
Velour – Marvel – 21ozFRVelours and Velvets
Velour – Memorable – 25ozFRVelours and Velvets
Velour – Princess – 16ozFRVelours and Velvets
Velour – Super-Vel – 8ozIFRVelours and Velvets
Velon / Vinyl TaffetaFREvent & Display Fabrics
Velvet – Crushed – 13ozFRVelours and Velvets
Vinyl, 18ozFR/NFROutdoor Fabrics
Vinyl MeshFRPrintable Fabrics
VoileIFRSheers, Satins and Silks / Printable Fabrics
TEXTILENE® is a Registered Trademark of Twitchell Corporation
*IFR: Inherently Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*FR: Flame Retardant by a topical treatment process
*DFR: Durably Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*NFR: Not Flame Retardant and unable to be made flame retardant
*CBFR: Can Be Flame Retardant, by way of topical treatment at an additional cost per yard
Want to learn more about FR vs NFR? Read our Flame Retardancy FAQ’s
Questions on Fabric Choice? See our whitepaper, “Making the Best Fabric Choice for Stage Draperies