Confused about stage curtain fabric selection and flame retardant fabrics?

Sew What? Inc. is here to help!

There are a lot of options in theater curtains and stage curtain fabric — especially when it comes to fabrics and materials. We’re here to assist you with your fabric selection, and see that your curtains and draperies are made according to your exact needs and specifications.

We have an extensive line of Fire Retardant fabrics, including popular theatrical and special event fabrics like Trevira Polyester (see whitepaper).

Want to learn more about fire retardant fabrics and FR vs NFR? Read our Flame Retardancy FAQ’s

How do we keep our theatrical fabric and stage curtain fabric prices so low?

There is one thing about us that you should know; we operate a “work-room” not a show room.

Instead of offering fancy sample cards and expensive four-color brochures, we ask that you request only those colors in the color palette that you are interested in and we will gladly send them to you!

We’ll work within your budget.

We’ll help you work within your budget. For example, did you know that Inherently Fire Retardant Encore Velour is a newly introduced theater curtain material that combines the rich look of velour with inhe