Confused about stage curtain fabric selection and flame retardant fabrics?

Sew What? Inc. is here to help!

There are a lot of options in theater curtains and stage curtain fabric — especially when it comes to fabrics and materials. We’re here to assist you with your fabric selection, and see that your curtains and draperies are made according to your exact needs and specifications.

We have an extensive line of Fire Retardant fabrics, including popular theatrical and special event fabrics like Trevira Polyester (see whitepaper).

Want to learn more about fire retardant fabrics and FR vs NFR? Read our Flame Retardancy FAQ’s

How do we keep our theatrical fabric and stage curtain fabric prices so low?

There is one thing about us that you should know; we operate a “work-room” not a show room.

Instead of offering fancy sample cards and expensive four-color brochures, we ask that you request only those colors in the color palette that you are interested in and we will gladly send them to you!

We’ll work within your budget.

We’ll help you work within your budget. For example, did you know that Inherently Fire Retardant Encore Velour is a newly introduced theater curtain material that combines the rich look of velour with inherent fire resistance? So the higher cost of this fabric is offset by fact that it does not need to be re-treated in order to be considered a fire retardant curtain.

Additionally, you may not realize that Commando Cloth is a “lower cost” fabric which may be used for stage curtains in applications with restricted budgets – making it an excellent alternative to velour.

Questions? We welcome any questions about your theatrical drapery needs.

Read our FAQ’s and whitepapers about basic stage drapery specifications for more information, including standard curtain fullness, questions on webbing reinforcement, selvages, bottom hems and other related drapery questions.

Of course Sew What? is also happy to lend our expertise as part of your drapery purchase or in regards to providing a quote. To get started just call us at (310) 639-6000 or contact us for a free quote.

eSwatches!FR InfoTheatrical DraperyPipe & DrapeSpecial Events
Velvets / Velours
Princess Velour – 16ozFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Marvel Velour – 21ozFRStage Curtain Fabric
Memorable Velour – 25ozFRStage Curtain Fabric
Encore Velour – 15ozDFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Encore Velour – 22ozIFRStage Curtain Fabric
Super-Vel – 8ozIFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Apollo Velour – 13ozIFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Crushed Velvet – 13ozFR
Stage Curtain Fabric
Stage Curtain Fabric
Stage Curtain Fabric
Duvetyne & Commando Cloth
DuvetyneFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Commando ClothFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Scenic Fabrics
CanvasNFR/FRStage Curtain Fabric
Cyc Cloth, PolyesterIFRStage Curtain Fabric
Muslin, Cotton, NaturalNFR/FRStage Curtain Fabric
Muslin, PolyesterIFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Scrim, Leno & Bobinette
Sharkstooth ScrimFR/IFRStage Curtain Fabric
Leno Filled ScrimFR
BobinetteFRStage Curtain Fabric
Sheers, Satins & Silks
Crystal EmbossedCBFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Poly Silk WideDFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Satin, Gloss & Crushed IFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
IllusionIFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Textura IFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
VoileIFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Stretch Fabrics
Cambio!FRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
TendoIFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
Masking, Blackout & Lining
Commando ClothFRStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain FabricStage Curtain Fabric
DuvetyneFRStage Curtain FabricTickTick
Encore VelourIFRTickOK in 15oz Only
Apollo Velour– 13ozIFRTickTick
Ranger Lining ClothFRTickTick
Event and Display Fabrics
Banjo/Expo ClothIFRTickTick
Commando ClothFRTickTickTick
Crystal EmbossedCBFRTick
Poly Muslin ColorsTickTickTick
RB ClothDFRTickTickTick
Velon / Vinyl Taffeta CBFRTick
Printable Fabrics
Heavy Cotton CanvasFRTickTick
Crystal PoplinFRTickTickTick
Front Lit Matte VinylFRTickTick
Heavy KnitFRTickTickTick
Poly SilkFRTickTickTick
Sharkstooth ScrimFRTick
Vinyl MeshFRTickTick
Outdoor Fabrics
TEXTILENE® Brand Synthetic FabricFRTick
Vinyl, 12 – 18oz FR/NFRTick

TEXTILENE® is a Registered Trademark of Twitchell Corporation

*IFR: Inherently Fire Retardant for the life of the fabric
*FR: Fire Retardant by a topical treatment process
*DFR: Durably Flame Retardant for the life of the fabric
*NFR: Not Fire Retardant and unable to be made flame retardant
*CBFR: Can Be made Fire Retardant, by way of topical treatment at an additional cost per yard

More questions on fabric choice? See our whitepaper, “Making the Best Fabric Choice for Stage Draperies

E-Swatches are intended as a reference/guide only.
Please call and request a sample to view actual texture and color before ordering.
All fabrics are subject to dye lot variations.